End of Season 2021

So today was the final day of the 2021 season on the River Devon with the final day of the Salmon/Sea Trout Season. I suspect some may have braved the elements for the final day, but the river was pretty much in full spate.

I think it will be fair to say that the 2021 season has not been the greatest, with the river being pretty much at bare bones level most of the year following a prolonged dry spring, summer, and early autumn. The general consensus amongst anglers is that it has been a tough season for trout angling on the river (though anglers still managed specimen fish). There had been reports of Salmon at Dollar weir, but I am currently unaware of any successful landings on the river. Lets hope for enough precipitation through the winter to feed the burns and at least a good few weeks of summer rain to improve the fishing in 2022

Conversely Glenquey suffered from high water for most of the season restricting most fishing to the south bank (presumably a result of Scottish Water to draining Upper Glendevon Reservoir)

As Covid restrictions have eased the committee has at least been able to meet and beginning planning properly for the 2022 season.

Couple of important notices/items of interest:

DEVON ANGLING ASSOCIATION AGM – We are planning to hold the AGM on at 19.30 on Tuesday 11th January 2022. The venue is to be confirmed (probably Alloa) and is likely to have restrictions on the number attending. While we hope to have a venue capable of holding normal level of attendances for the AGM, we have made the difficult decision to attendance by application only.

The meeting is open to all members to attend, so if you wish to attend please send an email to our Honorary Secretary David Mudie [ dkmudie@gmail.com ] at the earliest opportunity requesting attendance and he will send you details of the venue well in advance of the meeting. If numbers are restricted attendance will be on a “fist come first served basis”

SALMON/SEA TROUT CATCH RETURNS 2021 – members holding an All Species Permit are required to submit a catch return recording your fishing. This must be completed regardless whether you have caught no fish and record the number of days fished specifically for Salmon/Sea Trout.

See https://devonanglingassociation.org.uk/catch-returns/ for details

Catch returns must be completed by the 20th November

FISHING DOWNSTREAM OF MENSTRIE – As previously announced we have entered into agreement with Crown Estate Scotland to lease their fishing rights below the Menstrie-Tullibody bridge. I have had a few questions as to what is the extent of the new fishing. I will update all the beat maps over the winter, as there are a few gaps where we don’t have fishing rights for your information the extent of the lease.

1. Southbank – [Downstream extent] approximately 100m upstream of the Alloa-Striling railway bridge to [Upstream extent ] approximately 220m downstream of Tullibody Bridge
2. Northbank – [Downstream extent] directly upstream of the Alloa-Striling railway bridge to [Upstream Extent] to the unnamed burn joining the Devon approximately 420m NE of East Gogar Farm (at the Stirling/Clackmannan border) approximately 1200m downstream of Tullibody Bridge


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2 Responses to End of Season 2021

  1. Colin Sneddon says:

    Spent a enjoyable day on Glenquey 14 May 12 brownies nothing ig but hard fighting for the size I rather catch them than sto kie rainbows. Hope to be back soon.

  2. Nick Morrice says:

    Keep up the great work guys and hopefully next season the compensation flow out of Castlehill will be raised. It was shocking to come back to scotland in august to see the Devon so low and Glenquey so high. Still the bonniest browns I have ever caught though!!

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