A823 Road at Glendevon has re-opened

Please note as of the 9th June 2022, that there are now no restrictions on the A823 at Glendevon and the road is fully open in both directions

Anglers visiting Glenquey should note that the A823 is now closed just north of Glendevon until the 9th June for replacement of the road bridge over the Creich Burn which was washed away a few years ago. There are no restriction for access to Glenquey from the south via the A823/A91 but anglers visiting from the north will need to follow the diversion (via the A9/M90/A91)

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1 Response to A823 Road at Glendevon has re-opened

  1. Chris Adams says:

    Someone left a rod up at the Glenquey D.A.A parking yesterday. I would like to get it back to the rightful owner. It was leaning up through the deer fence and was still there after 11pm when I left.
    If it is yours, please drop me a message with a description & I’ll get it back to you ASAP.

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