DAA Constitution

1. The Association shall be known as the Devon Angling Association (DAA)

2. The DAA’s object is to sustain and protect the fishing in the River Devon and its tributaries from Menstrie/Tullibody Bridge upstream to the dam below Castlehill Reservoir. Some sections of the river Devon within these limits, as detailed later [see RULES tab] , are outwith the DAA’s remit. The DAA also has angling interests in Glenquey reservoir

3. The DAA will have a Management Committee. This Committee will meet, as required, to undertake routine business and each January will hold an Annual General Meeting to advise members of DAA’s affairs. At this meeting seven members shall constitute a quorum. The Committee will have a President, two vice-Presidents, a Secretary, a Treasurer and up to sixteen ordinary members. Sequentially, four members of the Committee shall retire annually but may be re-elected. Nominations for election to the Committee must be lodged annually with the Secretary before 30th November. Nominated persons and two seconders must have been previously DAA members of at least two years standing. Membership of the Committee will be confirmed at the AGM by vote if necessary. The Committee may appoint a member in the interim, if it is deemed in DAA’s interest. Notice of the AGM will be advertised in the local press at least a week prior to the meeting   Alterations of the rules can only be made at this meeting or at any Special Meeting of the Association called for the purpose by (a) the President or (b) the Committee or (c) a requisition signed by 12 members of the Association. One fortnight’s notice of any proposed alteration must be sent to the Secretary who will insert a copy in the advertisement calling the meeting.

4. The DAA’s funds, arising from subscriptions, donations or grants shall under the Committee’s direction, be actioned by the Treasurer, who will routinely report to the Committee and present an audited account at the AGM.

At the Committee’s discretion, DAA funds shall be used for such purposes as to purchase equipment and materials to facilitate fishing and ensure member’s safety on its waters, promote relevant research, provide stock fish, subscriptions to relevant angling bodies and undertake its general administration.

The Annual Subscription of members, ticket costs etc. will be set by the Committee and submitted for approval at the AGM.The Committee will formulate and provide DAA members with a set of Rules and a code of practice pertaining to the DAA’s activities. It may with the consent of riparian owners and on its own authority take action against persons or members who illegally take fish or offend against the DAA’s and other accepted rules and regulations

Any changes in the DAA’s rules and code of practice will be considered at the AGM

5. The DAA does not accept liability to its members or a permit holder in respect of their personal injury or  for damage or loss of equipment while engaged in fishing its waters and permits are issued only on this understanding. Such risks are insurable and any member or permit holder who thinks fit to do so, should take out a suitable policy to cover either, himself, his equipment or both.

6. In the event of DAA being dissolved, the incumbent Committee would have the responsibility of disposing of any assets, monetary or otherwise, to a charity or charities of their choice.

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