Welcome to the DAA

Welcome to the Devon Angling Association website.

The Association offer fishing on approximately 15 miles of the River Devon in Clackmannanshire and Kinrossshire; from below Castlehill Reservoir in Glendevon to  Menstrie .

The river provides good opportunities to catch migratory Salmon and Sea Trout, particularly in the later part of the season and the river holds excellent hard fighting native Brown Trout all to the stunning backdrop of the Ochils.

080809 brownie #2

Additionally the Association is able to offer members and visitors bank fishing on Glenquey Reservoir in the heart of the Ochils.

The website is intended to provide information & news for members of the Association, provide a guide for visitors to the Devon & Glenquey and hopefully be of interest to all.

All Salmon caught on the River Devon must be returned to the river without exception. 

For the latest news of the Association , River Devon & Glenquey plus other related snippets please see the DAA News & Blog tab.



496 Responses to Welcome to the DAA

  1. George says:

    Hello everyone and tight lines for the coming season – not far off now!
    I just wondered if there are plans to stock Glenquey with trout this season? I know that the river won’t be but wondered about Glenquey.

    • Alan Graham says:

      Hi George – no there are no plans at present to stock Glenquey – the river will definitely NOT be stocked this year – see the minutes from the AGM and subsequent news letter

  2. Graham Halliday says:

    At last, caught a salmon on Thursday. 71cms. About 7 lbs ? Tartan – but a salmon nonetheless! Returned safely. This fish was caught at Muckhart Mill, so it had run the whole river, past all those rods ! – just shows, they are there……

    • Graham says:

      Congratulations Graham!

      • Graham Halliday says:

        It was a strong fighter too. Heart in mouth stuff !

      • Cailean Moore says:

        Superb Graham! I bet you’ll remember that for a long time. I saw a few nice tourists during the back end of the trout season, but kept their location secret. The river is in fine form and it was great to see the big true Danica Mayflies on the river in good numbers and even despite the low water conditions for much of the season, the trout were very obliging to my wee nymphs. Has there been any sea trout caught?

      • Graham Halliday says:

        I haven’t caught any sea trout this year or heard of any .

    • Alan Graham says:

      WELL done Graham great news – it must have passed my Fleas to get there

  3. Robert brown says:

    Where does the permit stop ,is it the menstrie bridge or the old railway bridge

  4. Alan Graham says:

    Rock and Roll – lets hope we get some more Rain to bring more up

  5. Kenny says:

    Salmon sea trout went over the falls at cambus flew days ago

  6. Kenny says:

    Hi folks salmon sea trout in the river went over the falls at cambus a flew days a go.

  7. Chris Adams says:

    I just wanted to offer my thanks to the DAA for the free permit which arrived in the post today. I’m delighted to have joined the DAA this year and it has been a revelation to spend a handful of days up on Glenquey – a veritable ‘red-spotted’ jewel!

  8. Alan Graham says:

    To-/day strimming took place at Marchglen and the Black Bridge areas. Tight lines

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