Welcome to the DAA

Welcome to the Devon Angling Association website.

The Association offer fishing on approximately 15 miles of the River Devon in Clackmannanshire and Kinrossshire; from below Castlehill Reservoir in Glendevon to  Menstrie .

The river provides good opportunities to catch migratory Salmon and Sea Trout, particularly in the later part of the season and the river holds excellent hard fighting native Brown Trout all to the stunning backdrop of the Ochils.

080809 brownie #2

Additionally the Association is able to offer members and visitors bank fishing on Glenquey Reservoir in the heart of the Ochils.

The website is intended to provide information & news for members of the Association, provide a guide for visitors to the Devon & Glenquey and hopefully be of interest to all.

During the 2018 Season all Salmon caught on the River Devon must be returned to the river without exception. 

For the latest news of the Association , River Devon & Glenquey plus other related snippets please see the DAA News & Blog tab.



393 Responses to Welcome to the DAA

  1. Kenny says:

    What time is the agm

  2. Bud1994 says:

    Just a heads up for anyone interested,

    Castlehill has a new owner, apparently he also runs the lomond hills fishery.

    He has created a pike fishing club, therefore castlehill will be pike fishing only, from what I read on social media he expects member to monitor the water for poachers etc, castlehill seems to be a favourite for poaching!

    • Graham says:

      Yes, I have seen cars with fishing gear in the layby recently. I pass by the reservoir every Friday and Sunday night. I may start noting registration numbers….
      Any help to a fishery benefits us all overall…

      • Bud1994 says:

        I hope those that are chased off don’t end up fishing DAA waters, bellow the dam gets hammered every summer with the young team camping, although from what I’ve seen they just leave a ridiculous amount off rubbish, in and out the river don’t think they actively go out to harm the trout!

        Seen a few post concerning a huge number off roach apparently castlehill is full off them!

  3. Bud1994 says:

    How did everyone get on this year?

    I personally think the river fished better last year, few funny days/nights where not much was happening although there was plenty off hatches!

    Glenquey didn’t disappoint think I landed fish ever trip, some days better than others, but always catching fish!

    • Alan Graham says:

      Glenquey has always produced great days and nights for me the fish are always looking UP. The river is very dependent on where you are fishing for the prevailing conditions. I find by checking SEPA river levels I can go to areas best suited for the conditions I am presented with and therefore have an enjoyable session. Hope this helps

    • Graham says:

      Not the best of seasons for me on the river but that was mostly from not being able to choose my time due to other pressing requirements. I have however really enjoyed the last 6 six weeks; its nice to fish familiar waters at different water levels with different techniques. Finally day was a cracker for me, river up a bit fishing with a dry fly to the occasional riser and netting some cracking fish.

    • Graham says:

      I had a very slow start this year. Possibly as I was trying new methods like upstream nymphs, etc.
      Lately though, I have had a couple of amazing days – l caught seven trout over 10″ one afternoon and five of those were from over a pound to close to three pounds – pool after pool I just couldn’t go wrong !! Never had a day like that on the Devon and I started fishing it 50 years ago as a boy !! No salmon yet though. I lost a sea trout of about two pounds as I didn’t bother taking a landing net one trip – it just slipped the hook as I ran my hand down the leader to unhook it – a good release but no photo !! Apart from no salmon yet, I have had my best Devon year for a long time – still time for a salmon yet though…

    • Graham says:

      Just a thought about the river these days.
      For as many years as I can remember many keep able fish were killed and taken home to be eaten – that was the way. Over the last few years I am pleased to meet so many anglers who catch and return all fish – perhaps with a photo of the better ones being enough of a trophy. I feel that this has increased the number of better fish in the river hugely. The longer we all keep this up the better the catches will be. I have never caught or heard about so many bigger fish being caught in the river.

      • Bud1994 says:

        I had a good few beautiful male fish, starting to develop a Kype, I’ve not caught many on the Devon but definitely caught them in abundance this year, very strong fish few times I had to take a walk down river too keep up with these fish always a relief to get them to the net!

        Just in general I think I netted more fish last season than this season!

        Hopefully hear off a few salmon being caught this season, plenty salmon run up the Devon but seem to do well avoiding fishermen…. also seen a few pink salmon being landed on the river leven, any reports off them on the Devon?

  4. Kenny says:

    Here’s good Site http://www.therrc.co.uk/ river management.

    • Graham says:

      Kenny good spot the River Restoration Centre offer some great advice about managing and improving the riparian environment.

      The DAA actually commissioned the RRC, a few years ago, to survey the DAA section of the River Devon and produce a report for the Association to help inform the long term improvements of the riparian environment. Two of their experts spent a few days on the river and subsequently produced a detailed report which provided the Association with a template for management of the catchment which has been subsequently incorporated into our Catchment Management Plan.

  5. christopher ward says:

    Hi folks, any thoughts on best methods and flies for brownies nearing the end of the season on the river? Also i have a sea trout and salmon permit this year but have never fished for them, any advice on flies and locations welcome, thanks in advance. cheers, christopher.

    • Cailean Moore says:

      The end part of the season is very much like the beginning of the season as Large Dark Olives and March Browns make an appearance again in good numbers, even though LDOs are one of the few flies to hatch all year round. Small brown sedges are also interesting the trout.Two spiders work well with a nymph on the point. Waterhen Bloa or a Greenwells Spider for the LDOs and a Winter Brown for small sedges and needle flies. Nymph on the point is a Greenwells nymph, a pheasant tail nymph or a gold head hares lug.
      As the river is at a good level French nymphing comes into its own too.

    • Graham says:

      I wouldn’t argue with Cailean’s choice, however at the tail of the trout season I tend to stick fishing with dry flies imitating LDOs but have had a lot of joy at this time of year fishing with large deer hair based sedge patterns (such GH Sedges) which seem to bring up bigger trout.

      As for Salmon, well for the first time in a few years Castlehill is full late in the seasonso any decent rain should bring spates to the river and encourage Salmon to the river. I am no expert but I tend to keep it simple fishing shrimp patterns on a floating line with a sink tip.

    • Kenny says:

      Cumbus below Tullibody or the carvan park dollar. Sea trout like movement. In the flys . Salmon it’s all a bout luck.

      • Kenny says:

        All so go to cambus falls about September near the end of the season. Take a tourch and you will see the salmon. Best at night.

    • Graham Halliday says:

      Try fishing small salmon flies on a floating line – size 12 or 14 doubles. Even on a single handed rod. Maybe a shortened sinking head if there is plenty water – to get down a bit. Plenty of room to fish salmon flies from the Haugh downstream and especially down from Taits Tomb. Its a small river, so Salmon can be as spooky as trout – try keeping back a bit from obvious sight and if you can, dont wade. If there are fish in – you’ll see them – don’t tarry too long at a pool unless you see moving fish. If there are fish in a pool, you will usually spook them at least and they will leap ! Dont be afraid to cover the small deep lies too – its amazing where a salmon will lie up. Sometimes in pools with hardly any casting room. A simple spey lift and flick will put a fly across most lies. If fish are in and the water drops to low – try wee tiny 1/4″plastic tubes tied “riffle hitch” to cause a wake or disturbance across the surface to stir them. Red Frances are ideal. If all this fails – try a short throw of the complete rod and reel into the deepest pool around and go for a pint to ponder maybe taking up golf !!!
      Good luck !

    • Alan Graham says:

      Hi Chris, Going for Salmo Salar and his Silver Brother of the tide is difficult . For Salmon on the Devon I have found ALLYS SHRIMP and the CASCADE highly successful over the years. Carry these in size’s from 10’s through to 6 (dependant on river level. As for Sea Trout Silver stout Red Stout are my first choice. At the back end any fly with Orange / Yellow and black combination should hopefully provide you with sport. However bear in mind both of these are NOT FEEDING fish when they enter the river so it can be very frustrating.

  6. Alan Graham says:

    Work Party been busy strimming again. Go out there and discover where we have been. And while your there pull out some Balsam please !!!!!!

  7. christopher ward says:

    On days like today, fishing the quey takes a lot of beating. Amazing scenery, ospreys, and enough surface activity to keep the spirits up. Ended up with 8 , 6 on a Loch Ordie wet size 14, one on a size 16 black buzzer and one on a pheasant tail nymph. The loch Ordie wet on the top dropper was doing the business on a slow figure of eight retrieve. 8 fish is my best session up there. I know others hit double that but i would have been happy with one in such stunning surroundings. And all for 7 quid for the day. Hats off to the D.E.A.

  8. christopher ward says:

    Hi Folks, was watching a video by Nick hart last night on small river fishing for trout. He was using what he called a New Zealand style leader. Dry fly on dropper with a nymph on the point. He also called it a Duo. I went down the river for an hour this morning upstream from the lovely new bridge at lower mains(thanks to the working party) with a brown and white klinkhammer size 14 on the dropper and a gold beaded pheasant tail nymph size 16 about 3-4 feet down on the point. Had 4 fish in 30 mins, (barbless hooks and all safely released). Will be using that again, i guess its hedging your bets for fish at different depths. 3 on the nymph and 1 on the dry. I thought the nymph would pull the klinhammer under but it stayed up and acted as a useful indicator. Just thought i would share what works, . Would love to hear more detail on here about others useful set ups as it all helps the learning, cheers, chris.

    • Graham says:

      Chris, I have used that technique effectively. In a similar manner I have tied the nymph dropper directly to the dry fly hook for casting upstream and proved a very good way of catching early season trout

    • Bud1994 says:

      Another vote for the duo or as I like to call it the klink and dink, I prefer dry fly fishing but there will always be fish hugging the bottom, I will usually start with this method, and if there isn’t much happening on the dry and getting fish on the nymph, I switch to more conventional euro nymph techniques which on its day blows all methods off fishing out the water!

      • Cailean Moore says:

        The duo works well on the deeper runs on the Devon. On the faster runs, I prefer 2 nymphs on a French leader. I had some lovely trout yesterday despite the coloured water.
        I’ve not seen the Tates Tomb stretch so busy with anglers for a wjile. There were quite a few out yesterday. Normally I can fish that entire stretch without seeing another angler which is the attraction for me. Good to see youngtsers out learning to fly fish. Kids are the future of our river.

    • Kenny says:

      Hi mate here’s a good site mate about the duo http://www.onstream-guide.com

  9. Kenny says:

    Hi folks there is a bit on police Scotland a bout lures . On there face book page. Can’t copy and paste it. If eny one can’t put it up , just to keep every one who is spinning on the right side.

  10. Kenny says:

    Just heard castle hill is closed all boats sold .

  11. Kenny says:

    Below castle hill some mess with rubbish.lifted two black bags .

    • Graham says:

      Kenny I wish I could wave a magic wand and rid Dunning Glen of these idiots and the mess they leave behind. To quote my response to Graham Halliday’s post elsewhere:

      The wild camping in Dunning Glen is a reoccurring blight in particularly the repeated anti-social behaviour, massed parking, vandalism and appalling litter. The DAA have in the past cleared the whole area (one sweep generated well over 100 black bags of litter) to find weeks later the whole site covered in burnt out tents, cans, bottles and other crap. We participated in multi-party working party (DAA, Perth and Kinross Council, Fossoway Community Council, Police and the landowners) to endeavour to address the issue, but there is little than can be done to stop it. The main outcomes have been more regular patrolling by Police Scotland and the site being cleared by the Community Payback Team fairly regularly. Last years vandalism to the Dunning Glen bridge (pushing the coping stones into the river) has once again brought the problem into the focus of local councillors and Fossoway CC. Its a shame ……. it used to be a very popular picnic spot and place for kids to play in the river

      Thanks for doing your bit to clear the mess up …… you will be surprised just how many people appreciate that kind of effort

      • Cailean Moore says:

        Hi, someone might like to notify the sheep farmer at Fossoway that one of his ewes has recently met its demise. It’s lying on the embankment about a thousand yards downstream of the bridge where a single fence post is sticking out of the ground. The guy is a decent sort and the poor thing most likely fell, but if it didn’t and there’s a priblem it’s better he knows so he can treat his other livestock.

  12. Alan Graham says:

    Had another fantastic session at Glenquey yesterday (pm) major hatch of “Olives” best flies being Greenwell’s or Yellow Owl (CdC)

  13. Alan Graham says:

    The work party strimmed the area from Rackmill down thru the Haugh to-day making access a bit easier for those who fish in this area. Once again I would remind you all that Himalayan Balsam when seen should be pulled up by the roots and put well away from the River side – thank you all for co-operating with this. It’s pull it out or you could find access difficult. The work party can only do so much thanks for your anticipated help.

    • christopher ward says:

      Was fishing the haugh last night and it was very overgrown, still managed a nice brownie on the dry about 10pm. Thanks so much to the working party for their work today, look forward to getting back down there later in the week. I will continue to pull out some plants eat time i visit, cheers guys.

      • Alan Graham says:

        I did state that access WAS a bit easier – if you feel that we are not strimming to your satisfaction then please come along and help out. You will be most welcome

      • Cailean Moore says:

        I’ve found what looks like a brass house key with a black handle. If anyone is missing there’s from the car park at Tates Tomb, let me know.

      • Graham says:

        Cailean, I will put a post up as well to give it some prominence!

    • Bud1994 says:

      Was coming on here to deliberately….. thank and mention what a fantastic strumming job has been done at the haugh!!

      Fishing was hard going tonight, managed 4 all on euro nymphing techniques, was joined at the river side by young lad maybe 7/8 years old and an older girl maybe 10/11…… not sure where the parents were both were on their bikes…. young boy was standing quite about away watching, just so happened I hooked up to a fish, as I was playing the fish I seen him gradually coming closer, I netted the fish, then asked if he would like to release it……. over he come and to my surprise first thing he did was wet his hands! I asked have you been fishing before surprisingly the answer was no…. the older girl replied with ” this is the first alive fish he’s touched, but papa always said that if your touching a live fish always make sure your hands a wet ” the fish swam off safely!

      The delight in the young kids face was indescribable, truly a wonderful moment, Hopefully this experience will encourage him not to come down to the river on his bike, but with a fishing rod!!

    • christopher ward says:

      Graham my observation about the hlaugh being overgrown was based on a visit the night before you done your streaming, i am really grateful for the working parties efforts. I work every wednesday but would be happy to join in if i am ever free

  14. scottf539 says:

    Well headed up on Saturday and as I was setting up got speaking to another angler Gary. We were both new to the stretch and decided to fish it together. The weather was miserable and felt more like march than June so I decided to start on nymphs with a French leader. Almost straight away we were into fish. There was some flies coming off with the odd riser so I put on a wet olive which Gary had gave me. The next two fish were on that although the orange collared hares ear was the top fly of the day. Managed a few on the dry later on when it brightened up a bit. Absolutely shat myself when I came out of some bushes at the riverside to cross and there was a red deer on the other side which had managed to get out its field. All in all a good day with lots of new water explored, good company and a few fish thrown into the mix too.

    • Cailean Moore says:

      Well done mate. Did you head up to Fossoway? I drove past it the other day and it looked a good stretch but fairly shallow in much of it heading downstream from the wee bridge. I’m looking to explore more of the river this season

    • Graham says:

      Cracking stuff Scott; apart from the occasional stray farmed Red Deer, around there at the tail end of the day I have often startled Roe Deer coming down to the river and feeding on the meadows set aside for game bird cover …….. all quite tame compared to the resident goose a couple of years ago who was a hissing snapping nightmare when she had young ones to protect (on more than occasion she came for me and I bid a hasty retreat) 🙂

  15. Alan Graham says:

    Yesterday I had my best session so far this year on Glenquey. The term fishing it’s head of is an understatement. Hares Lug and Partridge size 16/18 or Black Spider 16/18 took all fish.

  16. scottf539 says:

    Hi just thought I’d quickly introduce myself. I moved to Alloa from Edinburgh last year and although I had a permit for the river only managed a couple of trips. This season I’ve decided to fish a lot more and have had some success recently after a slow start. Really enjoying exploring new water and getting to know the area.
    I’m off tomorrow and was wondering if anyone knew what the clarity of the water is up fossoway area?

    • Cailean Moore says:

      Hi Scott, think half of our group want to head up Fossoway now after info was posted about it. I’m heading out next week on a weekday as the river is usually quiet then. I wish they’d sort out the no Sunday fishing rule as that’s my only day off.

      • Graham says:

        Cailean, as a fellow wage slave I really feel your pain ……. but one of the reason the Association can offer such great trout fishing at such an affordable cost over so much river is that we have leases negotiated with the riparian owners generations ago. The legacy of providing some of the best value trout angling in Scotland is unfortunately accepting that the riparian owners didn’t wish to permit Sunday fishing. As an alternative there is always Glenquey or mowing the lawn 🙂

      • Cailean Moore says:

        The no Sunday fishing rule is a pain but it does have the advantage of giving the river a rest for a day from angling pressure.
        I totally agree with you about value. The permit price is superb value for money and having one also gives a discount for a day on the loch.

      • Alan Graham says:

        May I also add that because we get a run of Salmon and sea trout these fish are protected by ancient laws regarding Sunday Fishing

    • Graham says:

      Good for you and welcome Scott; the great thing about the river is that there is a lot of different water which is easily accessible ……… but there are fabulous pools and runs rarely fished as they take a lot more effort (and in places an adventurous spirit); just keep exploring 🙂

      As for the Fossaway beat I got a glance from the car as I crossed the bridge on the A91 at 6am this morning and about 40 minutes ago on my way home. The river here is up a wee bit from last week and looks like it’s running clean.

      • scottf539 says:

        Thanks for the replies guys. Will head up there tomorrow then since it’s clear.
        As for inaccessible bits that’s half the fun although I’ve had a few dodgy moments in the past on other rivers trying to scale bits that a mountain goat would think twice about!

    • Bud1994 says:

      Welcome Scott, I fished the fossoway tonight (Friday) water is higher than usual the slow deep flats seem to have a bit off colour nothing drastic…..above the dam on the fossoway stretch is a favourite dry fly spot for me believe it or not, letting the slow moving water push my balloon caddis slowly downstream and a short but sharp figure off 8 just seems to get them going…. tonight, interestingly the colouring off the water was showing the trout off as they were coming up to take my balloon caddis off the top, you could see the trout making its way up to the fly (often was just a flash) but majority just sort off slowly making its way to the fly and taking it off the surface…. truly amazing too watch even when you do miss them!!

      Kind regards.

      • scottf539 says:

        Thanks bud going up there in the next hour or so. Will take my balloon caddis with me. Doubt I’ll get much dry fly action today though. Will post later how I get on

  17. Alan Graham says:

    Forgot to mention that the river is still very coloured (as of 3 pm to-day)

    • Christopher Ward says:

      was on the river tonight and it was coloured but fish were rising and managed 2 (both returned safely on a barbless size 18 black spider, quite a few more had a splash at it.

  18. Alan Graham says:

    The work parties have been out and about. They have been strimming at Balquorn and the Airfield area so those of you who fish these areas of the river will find access much easier. Work parties are held every Wednesday and anyone who wishes to come along please contact us via this site or any member of the committee on your membership card.

    • Christopher Ward says:

      Hi, I’m keen to try new parts of the river as living in dollar i tend to take a walk down to the haugh. Where are the areas you mentioned above? thanks

      • Graham says:

        You will find Balquharn between Alva and Menstrie, here https://binged.it/2shXVWn

      • Alan Graham says:

        Balquorn is between Alva and Menstrie while the Airfield is in the Alva Area to reach this turn left down the Alloa Road which is opposite the town clock. Both areas are best suited to bait and spin fishing. Hope this helps. For Fly water try Vicars to Dollar Weir or the Fossoway stretch. For the latter you can park at the Fish Rearing Plant just before the Fossoway Bridge.

      • Cailean Moore says:

        Is Cambus covered by the permit and is it worth fishing?

      • Graham says:

        Simple answer is no, the DAA downstream limit is at the Tullibody Bridge (Menstrie – Tullibody road). The fishing downstream is retained by the riparian owners which in the case of Cambus is Diageo.

      • Christopher Ward says:

        thanks guys, always impressed by people taking time to share their knowledge on this site

  19. Graham says:

    I thought I would share Cailean Moore’s comment that he has posted elsewhere on the site:

    The River has really come into it’s own now. I had 12 cracking fish while fishing the duo last night and they really switched on at 8.30pm to 9.00pm as the light started to fade. Photos and video on my Facebook group Upstream Nymph. My friends are also doing well on other stretches fishing French nymphs. These have been good for me this season too.

    Some fantastic fly hatches recorded with multiple species including Epherema Danica, the true Mayfly. Already the sedges have started to put in an appearance so late evening sport is looking good for late June and July.

    If anyone wants help with learning French nymphing, say hi on the river and I’ll be happy to help. I’ve taught hundreds of people over the years for free and it’s great to see them taking what they’ve learned and catch fish.

    Long may this season continue to be a good one.

    I can only concur, I have seen a few relative short but incredibly intense hatches with quite a few exotic looking mayfly species …….. either side of these hatches the dry fly fishing has been excellent (dark CDC emergers have been the fly of choice) no heroic catches but just a steady run of quality wild fish! The week’s forecast looks like we might get a wee freshen up but with Castlehill so low it is unlikely we will have a spate!

    Its well worth looking into Cailean’s technique of choice, French Nymphing and his Facebook group ……. the keen fly angler will learn a hell of a lot!

    • Alan Graham says:

      Had a brilliant day on Monday – fly life in every pool and riffle – GRHE nymph or a CDC emerger in sizes 14 and 16 worked for me.

      • Graham says:

        You guys are taking the……
        I’m going up tomorrow night.
        Hope theres not too much water.
        It’s a big challenge to change a lifetime of across and down wet flies or nymphs, but never say die !!!

      • Cailean Moore says:

        If the river is high and coloured, might head up the Quey. If not the wee 20s will stay in the box and the 3.5mm tungstens will come out. Great to see so much fly life and the river fishing so well.
        What’s the best flies for up Glenquey this month?

      • Graham says:

        Tiny buzzers and emerges static or barely tweaked about 6 feet in front of moving, feeding fish.
        It may be time, although early, for a dry daddy static but just tweaked if flat calm. Make sure leader is sunk.

      • Cailean Moore says:

        Cheers mate. I’ll give it a go. I’m not much of a Stillwater angler as rivers are my forte but love it up Glenquey.

  20. Kenny says:

    Vicars brigade camp site cleaned up to day. Three bags of rubbish lifted.

  21. Bud1994 says:

    Bumped into a mink, just bellow the dam wall on the fossoway run last night, it was across river and heading downstream, once roughly in line with me, it stopped we made eye contact, it then continued on its way, few minutes later it appeared on the same side off river as me with dinner in its mouth ( some sort off a Rodent not a fish ) it come bouncing up the river bank not a care in the world and was literally touching distance away before it veered away into the longer grass, it then crossed back over the river few meters away, carefully navigating its way over the dam rocks before heading into the woods!!

    • Cailean Moore says:

      Had a good afternoon on the Devon with the new 2wt. A peach of a rod for 88 quid. Still shaking from the fish I lost at the net. Easily my pb on the Devon fish and was around the 5lb mark. Not bad for a wee stream and a 2wt.
      Caught some big bruisers today at the head of pools where the fast water comes in. All were caught on size 20 French nymphs for a total of 8. Photos available on my Facebook group Upstream Nymph.

      • Christopher Ward says:

        well done mate, I’m getting lots of luck on a size 18 small black dry but only very small fish, will need to give your advice a try in the hope of landing something bigger. Must be fun with the 2 wt rod. I fish a 4wt on the river and at times don’t even know that i have hooked some of the small ones. A 5 pounder on a 2 wt must have been fun. Off to tie up some leaders with nymphs .

    • Graham says:

      The mink can be totally without fear at times ……. I will try and get hold of one of the local keepers who do routinely trap mink on the upper river, principally to protect pheasant and partridge young (am not sure now whether they have feeding stations in the woods at the moment, but the landowner at the east bank has pheasant shoots each year along those fields). The good news is that there are otters in about this part of the river; they super territorial and don’t tolerate mink

      Well done looking forward to seeing the pics of the big yin when you land it next time 🙂 (hopefully you will let us post it here with the appropriate acknowledgement)…….. must be a great way to catch the kind of fish (upstream nymphing is a technique I haven’t quite mastered but persevere with it in hope!)

  22. Alan Graham says:

    Dates for your 2018 Diary
    In case you have not heard the Scottish Fly Fair will take place on the 10th – 11th March 2018 at the Stirling Court Hotel – University of Stirling. Lets make it a success by turning up enmasse

  23. Alan Graham says:

    Just back from the “Quey” had my best session so far this year. Lots of Olives hatching and the water is now dropping back nicely. No nasty surprise’s when I got back to the car this time.

  24. Kenny says:

    Found dead gold fish ,were the mine water comes in.

    • Graham says:

      Kenny that is very very odd; I presume you saw no other signs of distressed fish?

      You must presume that some fool has thought they would have a chance of survival but most likely they died of shock (or disease). Can you the DAA a favour and report your observation to SEPA https://www.sepa.org.uk/contact/contact-us-via-email/

      It may seem an innocent (and stupid) act by the gold fish owner, but these fish are particular susceptible to disease due to the way they are bred and raised; they shouldn’t be coming into contact with wild fish.

      • Graham Halliday says:

        I was fishing down from Vicars Bridge yesterday – a good rise came on early pm for over an hour or so with a strong hatch of upwing flies – two or three varieties including big Mayflies. Couldn’t find the right fly to entice the troot ! However, it seems that the mine treatment pond isn’t doing much – where it runs into the river the whole bank is bright orange for a few metres – maybe the pond and filter area is choked and needs a clean out ? I did pull out a hundred or so of these Himalayan plants though – cleared a corner bend and only took about five minutes…..

      • Graham says:

        That’s great to hear ……. frustrating when fish are rising like that and taking your fly. When it happens to me I tend to tie an emerger pattern like a parachute (Iron Blue Dunn or Greenwells Glory) or a small (olive and grey) klinkhammer and concentrate on working out where the fish is laying and make sure the fly is presented well. Sometimes works 🙂

        The DAA (and the Fisheries Trust) are aware of the current discharge from the treatment works and both SEPA and the Coal Authority have been contacted. The problem lies in the treated water not spending enough time in the reed beds (the majority of the flow runs along the north bank of the reed bed rather than generally over the whole area). The treatment system is working (the majority of the sediment is being captured) and the sediment is harmless other than it coats the river/stream bed making life for invertebrates impossible. It is disappointing that the new system is less effective than the old one but hopefully we will hear from the Coal Authority presently with their proposals to rectify their treatment system and prevent further pollution of the river. As soon as we have any news on progress I will post it here!

        Finally well done for the plucking, thanks, it is amazing just how much can be cleared in a short time. Hopefully others will follow your lead

  25. Kenny says:

    Cailean It can’t find your net I can give you a wooden net.

    • Cailean Moore says:

      Thanks Kenny mate for the offer. It’s very much appreciated but I’ve placed an order for a new wooden net as a replacement.
      If anyone wants their net converted to a floating version give me a shout or if you want to make your own give me a shout on Upstream Nymph on Facebook.

  26. James says:


    Had another great time fishing Glenquey today, taking a nice fish early on,fantastic place. However on my return to the car someone left a note on my windscreen saying “this is a car park for fisherman only , your car may be clamped next time”. I feel whoever left this has totally misjudged the situation and made me and others feel unsure whether paying for a permit to fish Glenquey will later result in a very expensive day and unworthy hassle. This situation really needs to be resolved as I love fishing this location. Please let me know what I should do , can leave a note “Gone Fishimg” if required. Just really feel it was unfair to pay for the permit and be welcomed with this response, let alone had I been clamped, who would be responsible for the costs ?

    • Graham says:

      Apologies on behalf of the DAA …….. I think there may have been a case of mistaken identity. We do have an occasional problem with walkers (with or without dogs) using the limited parking space and I suspect our resident bailiff my not have seen you on the reservoir and put 2 & 2 together. I expect he was just making a (mistaken) point but a note would do no harm …… I will pass on your experience to officers of the Association.
      Hope it didn’t sour the day too much!

      • James says:

        Hi Graham,

        Thank you for the reply, I had a great day and will be returning this coming week. I think I was hidden down the far end trying to keep out the wind. I will try to leave a note next time as I do agree it’s a hard thing to enforce and appreciate having the car park so close to the resevoire.

    • Bud1994 says:

      As far as am aware, clamping cars is illegal in Scotland only the police, local council and dvla are authorised to do so? And to be honest not sure either off these authorities would see it worth their while, to send someone out for a situation like that….. it’s probably something the association might want to check up on, incase our bailiff ends up in the wrong! (Crazy world I know)

      It’s not letting me reply on the lost box post, any information on where the angler was on the fossoway beat? I personally am up there regularly and know the stretch very well…..any landmarks that the angler can remember they fished that day, Ill have a scout next time am about!

      As for the fishing, 2 fish is the most I’ve had in one session from the river fished euro nymph techniques without a tug, late at night there is some movement enough for the dry fly angler in me to put a dry on, but their not interested in them either….. team off wet flies have done the business for me particularly a black spider!!

      Kind regards!

      • Graham says:

        Andrew I don’t think you need exercise yourself about the risk of being clamped by the DAA!

        Thanks for the offer of help looking for the missing flybox ……. I was at error by forgetting to allow comments on the post but I have added your kind offer to the post!

    • Cailean Moore says:

      Lost my floating net I use to release my fish. It’s a Leeds scoop net with grey foam insulation I fitted to it’s frame. Was downstream from Tates Tomb and I was parked in the big lay by there. Anyone finds it please let me know.

    • Alan Graham says:

      James I had one on my car two PLUS a Flat tyre !!!!!!

  27. Christopher Ward says:

    Thank You to Devon Angling Association. I received a voucher for a free days fishing at The Quey through the post today after posting my day ticket in the collection box at the reservoir. I reckon a lucky day awaits me.
    Thanks again gentlemen. Christopher.

    • Graham says:

      Congratulations Christopher!

      The DAA put all the catch returns posted in the box each month into a pot and one lucky angler is drawn for a freebie at Glenquey!

      Message is clear ………. fill out your tickets with all your details and return to the box at the end of your session. You might get lucky 🙂

  28. Alan Graham says:

    A request to all Fisherperson’s on the River Devon. You will be aware that many areas are infested with Himalayan Balsam. During the months of May June and July we would ask you all to take 10 – 15 minutes of your time and PULL out AROUND 50 OF THESE PLANTS. Leave them well away from the river bank to decompose. This way will go along way to helping the committee to eradicate this Non Native Invasive Species. Thanks for your help.

  29. Alan Graham says:

    Up at the Quey again – hard session with the Wind in all directions. However the day was made by the return of the OSPREY wonderful sight. Ended day on 7 Ospery Nil

  30. Michael Brown says:

    At the moment there are 4 young guys fishing from the south bank where the river bends before flowing past Sterling Warehouse – very frustrating to see.

    • Graham says:

      Michael aplogies for the delay in this being posted; as a new contributor you have to be approved, which stops the website being deluged with spam (typically 50 – 100 comments a week).

      I will pass you comment onto the bailiffs, who I am sure will take a run that way on future Sundays.

      • Cailean Moore says:

        How is the river fishing after the mild weather we’ve had? Hopefully the river is warming up and the fish are coming on to the fly life. Hoping to get a cast next week.

      • Christopher Ward says:

        I walk the dog most nights at the haugh and the last few nights i have started to see fish rise and jump, so must be warming up, plenty of fly life too, so we can start getting the wee dries ginked up

  31. Christopher Ward says:

    Hi All, going up they Quay on Saturday and wondering if anyone has tips on flies and leader set up including breaking strain. Weather looks about 9 degrees with cloud and sun at times but a bit windy . Been up 6 times with no fish, thanks in advance, cheers.

    • Jack Morrison says:

      Hi Christopher, it’s still early doors, I would go deep and slow, vary what you are using until you find something that works.

      • Christopher ward says:

        After 6 previous blanks I finally managed my first fish on the quay , ended up with two on a size 16 hot spot pheasant tail niymph on a midge tip. Great feeling catching your first fish on a new water .

      • Jack Morrison says:

        Well done mate! Onwards and upwards from here!

  32. Bud1994 says:

    WHAT AN AFTERNOON ON THE QUEY………. not good fishing tho, absolute madness in that wind!!

    There was a tremendously strong north western wind, casting on the south back was extremely difficult, headed over to the north bank in the hope to get the wind at my back (sort off) got down the ladders walked over the outlet, come to the rope ready to pull me self up the wall…… huge gust off wind and a slip later, ended up looking like Tarzan gone wrong, clattering against the wall luckily no damage done!

    Is the association got any plans for improving access to the north bank? If that was an elderly or less stable gentleman god forbid that could have been deadly to be honest!

    • Christopher Ward says:

      Used the rope myself on sat and it does require a bit of effort. Not advisable for anyone with limited mobility. The alternative is a 15min walk back to near the car park where a path takes you to the other bank. Certainly a fixed metal ladder as used on the other wall would be a huge improvement.

      • Graham says:

        Andrew, good to hear that you did not come to any serious harm, but in the process you have raised a serious point which requires addressing.

        The recommended route to the North Bank is the path described by Christopher where there is a footbridge over the burn or the long way round [I will put up a map showing the route on the website later this week]!

        When the level drops in the reservoir it is possible to bypass the overflow walls but at other times we have to recommend the path. I am told that once upon a time we had ladders there but they were removed by Scottish Water and it is unlikely that they would approve of either the existing rope or ladders on their spillway.

        Christophher good to hear you finally got your fish!

      • Alan Graham says:

        Unfortunately that would need the Water Board Approval

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