Welcome to the DAA

Welcome to the Devon Angling Association website.

The Association offer fishing on approximately 15 miles of the River Devon in Clackmannanshire and Kinrossshire; from below Castlehill Reservoir in Glendevon to  Menstrie .

The river provides good opportunities to catch migratory Salmon and Sea Trout, particularly in the later part of the season and the river holds excellent hard fighting native Brown Trout all to the stunning backdrop of the Ochils.

080809 brownie #2

Additionally the Association is able to offer members and visitors bank fishing on Glenquey Reservoir in the heart of the Ochils.

The website is intended to provide information & news for members of the Association, provide a guide for visitors to the Devon & Glenquey and hopefully be of interest to all.

For the latest news of the Association , River Devon & Glenquey plus other related snippets please see the DAA News & Blog tab.

The 2016 Season will open on the River Devon and at Glenquey Reservoir on Tuesday 15th March 2016

186 Responses to Welcome to the DAA

  1. Kenny says:

    Down the river at rackmill , seen some foks electric fishing . Above the falls lost a nice brown trout on a pink dry fly. 18.08.16

    • Colin Moore says:

      Sadly the river at my favourite stretch at Tates Tomb and going downstream is getting hammered right now. My friend saw 5 of them lined along the bank fishing maggots using beachcasters and they had killed undersized half pound trout. Not one had a permit. He met another 3 who were maggot drowners again fishing without permits and killing everything. I came across another 2 who scarpered when they seen me and left a tub of prawns behind. I haven’t been asked for my permit all year, neither has anyone else I know. If the DAA are struggling to cover the water, then make anglers like us and others who care about the river, the position of river wardens and chase these scumbags off the water. Not happy at all.

      • Graham says:


        The DAA have two river bailiffs, Jim and Alan (who I am sure many will have encountered on the river) but they are volunteers and can only cover so much of the river. Jim and Alan are also part of the small gang of volunteers that are out on the river or up at Glenquey virtually every week of the year cutting paths, building stiles/bridges, clearing spawning burns, clearing fallen lumber etc.

        Taits Tomb is and will always be a problem to police because of it’s ease of access …….. but the DAA do their best with the limited resources available. Members have their part to play too!


    • Gordon says:

      Was this official testing of stock, or what?

      • Graham says:


        It will almost certainly be the River Forth Fisheries Trust doing a routine survey of the River and key spawning burns


      • Kenny says:

        They were looking for parr, as for fish poaching on the devon needs more baliffes. The hole devon as the same . Just take the rods of them Hand them in the police station.

  2. Axil 1994 says:

    Has anyone been up glenquey recently? Have spoke to a few anglers and they have said its been virtually inaccessible due to high water levels!!

  3. Axil 1994 says:

    Don’t know if this will be any good but…….. I was out fishing tonight up the fossoway run, parked the car at the usuall spot just at the entrance to the salmon hatchery, come across 3 sheep that have escaped a nearby field, they are very close to the main road with nothing to stop them, could be an accident waiting to happen appeared to be 1 adult and 2 young yins, if anyone knows who the sheep belong too and could pass the message on that would be great……… Maybe they believe the grass is greener on the other side as they seemed to be enjoying their new grub!!

    Also beware when turning into the entrance to the salmon hatchery, it looks like a window has been smashed right in the middle off the road!!

  4. Rob says:

    Please notify me, where are the fish stalked into the water? Permit has been £17 season and quite dissapointing, i have fished it hard for 2 weeks on the trot only producing 2 small trout, also whats the numbers of sea trout and salmon caught? I am not willing to purchase permit for that unless i know more info about it

    • Graham says:

      Rob, the DAA currently stock the river twice a year at a number of locations with triploid (sterile) brown trout and the 2016 stocking is complete. While word may get out about the stocking we do not publicise when or where stocked fish go into the river to give them a chance to acclimatise and spread out. The DAA try to put them in areas with the highest fishing pressure.

      The 2016 season so far has been tough, with low water for much of the season to date, but the fish are there and can be caught (see post ‘July brownies’)

      As for the migratory fish, well that is almost entirely in the hands of the weather. If we have a wet September and October 50+ Salmon may be caught but if we a dry autumn like 2015 barely a fish will be caught. The river needs a good few spates to encourage the fish over the weir at Cambus and into the Devon.

    • Cailean Moore says:

      There are plenty of good sized fish in the river, in fact every pool holds at least one large fish much bigger than the others. With low water, I either fish a parachute emerger during a hatch or a nymph before it and never go above a size 16. It’s just a case of adapting to the conditions and keeping low and out of sight. For nymphing, I use a long French nymph leader and two small nymphs 50cm apart and this catches the big bottom dwellers.
      As for the permit price, £17 is a bargain. I pay £55 for the Clyde and same again for the Carron. I’m not interested in stockies, there is a good head of wild trout in the river. Glenbervie or Swanswater caters for stockies, and I prefer fishing rivers catch and release for wild fish.

      • Graham halliday says:

        Yes, there are big trout in the Devon. I have caught and seen caught fish over two pounds. Low water conditions make it very difficult as the angler is too easily seen by the fish and the bigger older fish have of course grown bigger by avoiding fishermen the longest ! I think that the bait anglers of the past had an advantage by standing still in a hidden spot and not having to constantly wave a rod about.

    • Kenny says:

      What were you using fly bait spinner, and just wondering.

      • Cailean Moore says:

        I only fly fish, mainly Czech and French Nymphing using small nymphs size 16 -20 on jig hooks. For top of the water I prefer small parachute emergers.
        Great wee river and good to fish. For the size of it, this wee river holds some big trout.

  5. Axil 1994 says:

    Anyone on here know how to get permission/permit ( if any ) for fishing the Devon above castlehill upto lower glendevon reservoir?

    Any help appreciated!

    • Graham says:

      I know a couple of years back, Glendevon Country Park (the chalet park near Glendevon Kirk) were offering day permits either side of the Kirk.

      • Axil 1994 says:

        Ahh I’ll mabye try them, I passed it yesterday and it got me thinking every time I pass I never seen anyone fishing, might be worth a try!!

        Am guessing the angling association has had no luck in getting the lease for fishing up there?

      • graham says:

        I have fished the Glendevon stretch above and below the lodge park. It is very misleading – there are many small but deep pools and runs and there are plenty of fish ! 6 foot fly rod and number 4 line with 4lb fluorocarbon tip – great sport. It is much better than it looks from the road. Now the lodge park has it signed as theirs I stopped fishing. I believe permits are available. There are otters there too, upstream from the park. I have watched them twice and they came as close as the width of the river – until they saw me hiding in the long grass !

    • Axil 1994 says:

      Very nice graham, can I ask how far above and how far bellow the lodge park you can go?

      Not really wanting to jump into a farmers field when/if their not wanting anybody there!

      Much appreciated.

  6. onroutes says:

    Was up at the quey at the weekend (both days) and on Saturday saw the osprey fishing…… what a site. I was on the south bank and it came down like a bullet straight across from me on the north side and went straight into the water at some speed….then up with a fish…….

    • Axil 1994 says:

      Fantastic memory for you Onroutes!!

      The osprey is fantastic to see even when it’s not fishing, but when they are it is truly mesmerising! Beautiful, elegant bird!!

      How did you get on with the fishing? (If you don’t mind me asking)

      Kind regards.

      • onroutes says:

        I was up on the monday and never managed to catch any. There was plenty rising too. Went back up on the following Saturday (same day as the osprey) and i managed to get 3. One was about 1lb, one at 3/4lb and the first one was just tiddler. All returned. Then it was back to normal for me on the Sunday… didn’t manage to catch any. I got my river permit last weekend so I’ll be giving that a go soon too…

      • Axil 1994 says:

        Very good! Not been to the quey in a few weeks!

        The river is eventually picking up, it’s been a horrible start to the season!

  7. onroutes says:

    Hi guys. Just wondering whats been working well up the Quay this month. Ive got a months holiday coming up in between the new job starting so I’ll be heading up there as much as i can. Looking forward to it. I took a run up last weekend (not fishing) just to see how the water looked and it was looking really good. Any tips welcome….🙂 I’ll probably get ma usual river permit too when im up. Hows the river fishing aswel, it will be quite low id imagine.

  8. Axil 1994 says:

    Good morning folks, has anyone had any luck with the fly on the river this year, seems to be only just a few fish caught on the worm, it’s been very very quiet considering the amount off hatches and fly life on the water!

  9. Axil 1994 says:

    Is it just me that thinks the quey fishes better when the water is low?

    • Andrew Acheson says:

      Hi Axil,

      I agree but I think it’s due to much more water being made accessible when the water is low.

      I found that last season’s high water meant that the north shore was limited to angling opportunities and the fish became very wary on the south shore.

      On my last trip of the 2015 season on the “quey” the water had been lowered and I landed close to 40 fish with 20 or so in the 1lb – 1.5lb range. All were caught working wet flies along the north shore and the overflow corner of the dam.



      • Axil 1994 says:

        Definitely helps for access aswell, I was up 2 weeks ago and it was like near perfect level, plenty off bank to fish off was up on Wednesday and was restricted to some parts off the reservoir!

        As for the fishing whatever the water level it’s been tremendous on the quey river is still quiet I’ve had all my fish off the top on a balloon caddis fly!! Biggest about 1lb!

        Kind regards

  10. Alan Graham says:

    Up at the Quey to-day. When I arrived Ian and Donald had already started and could not decide which fish to cast to first. Yes it was that good a rise to midge’s. Then the west wind got up and the temperature dropped – so did the fish. However a change to a midge tip line coupled to size 16 Black Spiders (midge) brought results. When I left around 3 there were still 6 rods on the water. So it was a busy day.

  11. Alan Graham says:

    Had a very good session on the Quey to-day. Ended the session with 11 to hand and touched a few more. The fish were not all that deep and several could be seen “nymphing” to something small and black. All my fish came to size 14 Diawl Bach.

  12. Alan Graham says:

    Well the AGM is only a week away – 12th Jan – lets see a good turn out at the Royal in Tillycoultry

  13. Kenny says:

    Graham is there a raffle at the agm, if so i have fly box and a magazine abit about the devon from 2007, in put in.

    • Graham says:

      Kenny, thanks ever so much for your kind offer but unfortunately the decision was made last year to knock the raffle in the head (due to a combination of electronic returns and not enough trout tickets being returned). I have a copy (somewhere) of the article you mention which I think was in Fly Fishing & Fly Tying; I must try to find it and upload onto the website.

      Can anyone save me the trouble of scouring the cupboards and provide me with a scan of the article [send to thedaa@talktalk.net ]?

      Cheers and Seasons Greetings

  14. Kenny says:

    Best at night with a torch.
    http://www.tidetimes.org.uk kincardine

  15. Axil 1994 says:

    Good afternoon folks! Can anyone recommend the best time of day to go watch the salmon at cambus?

  16. Jack says:

    Hi there, could anyone on the forum please recommend a #3/4 rod preferably for dry fly fishing, but in general the length of rod to fish the devon and glenquey. Thank you.

    • Graham says:

      Jack, I am no “gear” expert (getting utterly confused by all the rod related jargon) and do most of my fishing on the river.

      For trout fishing on the Devon (for most of the season I rely predominately on dry fly fishing) I have, for the last six years or so, relied on a cheap 8′ 4# rod (actually a Greys G-series 8′ 4#) and the excellent range of wildfisher fly lines (marketed by Fred Carrie who runs the brilliant Wild Fishing Forum see http://flylines.org/site/ ). My choice was driven by the simple experience of breaking more expensive rods while taking tumbles accessing some of the Devon’s more esoteric beats …….. but after six years it is still in one piece and is ideal for virtually all conditions and locations on the Devon.

      As for Glenquey 9′ #5 suits me!

      It would be interesting to hear other anglers regular choices for gear?

    • Kenny says:

      Hi mate , i use a sonk 3# 7/6 rod. dry fly expert line ,

      • Graham Halliday says:

        I have downsized and for several years now I have used a Snowbee 6’3″ rod with a #4 floating line. Great for getting a cast into the overhung,unreachable pools and easier for walking along the banks. Very light and takes a wee bit of getting used to, but great fun with a 1lb brownie on !

  17. Kenny says:

    Who is responsible for the banks of the devon .
    there’s abit on the devon that makes March glen flood .
    this bit all so stops the salmon getting past .
    not going to say over aopen form .needs sorted very soon bit is getting wores all the time.

    • Graham says:


      Ta and thanks for your discretion

      Responsibility for the prevention of flooding rest principally with the Clackmannanshire Council (to quote SEPA “It is the responsibility of your local authority to implement and maintain flood protection measures, clear and repair watercourses to reduce flood risk and gully maintenance for local roads which describes gutter areas and drain covers” – http://www.sepa.org.uk/environment/water/flooding/responsibilities-for-flooding/ explains further the hierarchy of responsibility).

      Where practical our DAA work parties endeavour to clear as much debris from the river as they can manage to allow free passage of fish (and minimise flooding and damage to the banks). Clackmannanshire Council will turn out to deal with more serious issue, particularly where there is risk to property and persons. We have also been fortunate to have received assistance for neighbouring landowners in pulling some of the trees that have ended up in the river.

      Drop us a wee note at thedaa@talktalk.net and I am sure it will be checked out!

    • Kenny says:

      Get some photos , not safe at the moment jew to weather .bring it up at the agm.

  18. Kenny says:

    Need more bailiffs.
    There was a lot of sea trout up the black devon ,only seen on salmon. This year

  19. Frank mckeown says:

    Same old guy bait fishing fishing up from Marshall ‘s bridge , sits there year after year . Told me yesterday that he hooked 2 salmon this week but they got off , makes me wonder what they are swallowing and if they would survive after? Went to 3 different spots to find a bailiff but was unsuccessful? ??

    • Alan Armstrong says:

      Frank and anyone else.

      If you see anyone fishing out of season please phone me on 01259 751120

      As an unpaid part time bailiff I cannot be out all the time but I am on the river somewhere five out of seven days walking my dog. All members are entitled to challenge anyone but at this time of year it matters not about a permit so either phone me or any committee member.

      Thanks Alan.

  20. Frank mckeown says:

    Came across two different sets of people bait fishing on either side of the bridge at Marshall,’s , managed to get them to move on with the threat that the baliff was on his way. Judging by the fire pits at he big bend I suspect there is a bit of night fishing going on.

    • Graham says:

      Thanks Frank that’s much appreciated, I will pass on your observations to the DAA bailiffs and the Secretary so that the area gets some more scrutiny.

  21. Axil 1994 says:

    Good morning, What date does the brown trout season end this year? Can’t see it on my permit or on this!

  22. Kenny says:

    Vicars bridge loads of rubbish, found id in one of the jackets.

  23. Alan Graham says:

    How come in our blog section we get adverts from M&S !!!!!!!

    • Graham says:

      Adverts may appear on the website. They are placed independently by WordPress who host the site and are the price of WordPress hosting the DAA website for free.

  24. Alan Graham says:

    To-morrow is the last day of the Season at Glenquey – so lets see some rods out there.

  25. Frank mckeown says:

    As noticed by one other member the gathering I am talking about goes way beyond the usual tent campers down by the bridge this is on a much larger scale, they have a tent down on the riverbank that is more like a pavilion and 5 or 6 vans parked up on the road, surely something that big needs to be addressed by the police.

  26. Frank mckeown says:

    Has anyone noticed what is happening at the bridge on the road to Dunning?. Looks like a gang of campers has taken up residence on the river bank.

    • Axil 1994 says:

      Allways happens frank! I heard the police have been visiting more regularly, I personally don’t mind people camping and having a fire or whatever, But when they leave the place tinky like rubbish and half burnt out tents lying around, that annoys me!

    • Graham says:

      As Axil 1994 has pointed out, camping at Dunning Glen has been going on for years now. The big issue has never been the use of the area for camping but the routine incidents of littering (camp and dump), sanitation and the unfortunately relatively routine incidents of anti-social behaviour.

      See http://www.fossoway.org/gallery:dunning-glen-problems for typical results

      The rights offered to us under the Land Reform Act, and our corresponding obligations, for access to land and water allows wild camping. Unfortunately despite many of these campers ignoring their obligations under the Act and the Scottish Outdoor Access Code [ http://www.outdooraccess-scotland.com/ ] the land owners are powerless to put a stop to the camping. The DAA, landowners, Fossoway Community Council and the then Tayside Police have worked together to try and improve the situation. The DAA have organised clean ups, individuals have routinely cleaned up, Fossoway CC arranged for a professional deep clean by contractors and more recently through Police Scotland the area has been cleaned up by Perth and Kinross Community Payback Team [ http://www.thecourier.co.uk/news/local/perth-kinross/dunning-glen-free-of-litter-thanks-to-clean-up-1.632774 ]. In recent years Police Scotland have made it their business to routinely visit the site (which has lead to some arrests for a variety of offences).

      • Graham says:

        Now I understand Frank’s question!

        On my way home tonight I passed over from Dunning past Dunning Glen. It appears to be a much more organised “event” with a lot of folk in residence!

  27. Kenny says:

    Total fly fisher mag single copy from http://www.newsstand.co.uk/

  28. onroutes says:

    just wondering whats been working at the quay just now. ive got a long weekend off and hoping to get my line wet up there…..😉

  29. Just recieved a copy of the Reporters decision regarding the CEMEX appeal to allow a quarry in Glenquey. The appeal has been dismissed, in the main on environmental grounds, full details can be found on the DPEA website Case Ref: PPA-340-2094. We will have to wait and see what action CEMEX will take next, but as I understand they have two options:
    First they can appeal to the Court of Session, however this can only be done on a Point of Law and having read it there is not one in the Dismissal Notice.
    Their second option is to make a completely new application, however given that environmental laws, standards etc., have become extremely more difficult to comply with, and that this appeal, itself, has been dismissed mainly on environmental grounds, it will be interesting to see if they go for this option.

  30. Kenny says:

    http://www.atlanticsalmontrust.org Salmon and Sea Trout Recognition and parr

  31. Axil 1994 says:

    Av sent an email to the daa emaill address, my internet has been playing up so if it’s not been recived just let my know! Cheers!

    • Graham says:

      Andrew [Axil 1994] had posted a photo of a young Devon brownie on Facebook which some else had suggested was a salmon smolt, hence the rather cryptic question. As I mention below there have been salmon smolts released in to the River in that area, so there was some obvious concerns. He quickly sent me a picture of the fish, which on first viewing did look suspicious but the giveaway was the length of the maxilla (the bony plate along the back of the jaw, which went beyond the back of the eye) confirming it was a Brown Trout. To be double sure I sent a copy to Dr Jo Girvan the Fisheries Trust biologist who confirmed it was a Brown Trout.

      A false alarm but this kind of vigilance is important on any river. Most of the major pollution incidents on the Devon have been reported by anglers and as anglers we should grateful for that.

      So thanks to Andrew🙂

  32. Axil 1994 says:

    Evening folks! Does anyone know if the wild salmon reach as far as the salmon hatchery?

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