August update – The DAA extends its fishery

Some of you may have noticed the new red signs appearing on the River Devon downstream of Menstrie:

The good news is that the Devon Association have agreed to take an additional lease with Crown Estate Scotland for their fishing between Menstrie and the old railway bridge at Cambus. Work Parties have already been clearing accesses to the banks, putting up signs etc. We will share more information on access etc and amend the beat maps in the next months.

The weekends storms mostly seem to have bypassed Clackmannanshire and Kinrossshire but there has been enough rain to give the lower river a couple of good cleaning flushes which should improve trout fishing markedly.

July was a quite month at Glenquey (seems to happen most years). We had 46 catch returns with a total of 75 trout being caught with a mean weight 0.61lb and anglers catching an average 1.6 trout per visit (of course masking a few blanks and a few more successful anglers). Hopefully August will bring less cloudless and still days!

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Forecast continuing hot weather

The down side to this extended period of an “actual real amazing summer weather” is river and loch levels are lowering and water temperatures are rising. You may have seen that the fishery on Loch Venechar have temporarily suspended fishing due to loch temperatures around its margins exceeding 18c and above in places.

Fishing around the Forth have provided the following info-graphic providing really useful advice for fishing in these conditions:

I don’t want to “rain on anyone’s parade” but I am hoping for a really good couple of days of rain, which will be most welcome to clean up the river and improve the fishing as we approach the final third of the season

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July 2021 Update


As the lock down has eased we have been able to get permits to all of our usual sellers. In general Covid 19 restrictions allow all fishing activities but we urge members and visitors to obey any local restrictions and conform with the appropriate social distancing and hygiene regimes.

The latest advice from SANA remains unchanged:

COVID-19 – Advice on getting back to fishing – Updated 24th May 2021

Hopefully by the time we get to the next update all restrictions will have been removed


In the space of a week Forth Rivers Trust reported a Pink Salmon caught on the River Forth and the discovery of Signal Crayfish in the River Almond.

Pink Salmon – The Forth District Salmon Fisheries Board reported on their website:

First pink salmon reported on the Forth. Stirling Council Fisheries had a report from one of their anglers catching a pink salmon today on their Forth beat. The fish was dispatched by the angler then pictured and reported to the fishery who then reported it to the Board. If you are fishing and catch a pink salmon, please dispatch it and report it to either ourselves by emailing or via our social channels.

You can also report it to Fisheries Management Scotland via their online app…/1b8632f1d06c48c89bbac890…

For more information about pink salmon, head to the below link.…/05/210519-INNS-Statement-Pink-salmon.pdf

Pink Salmon (also known as Humpbank Salmon) are natives of the Pacific Ocean. They were periodically stocked into Russian rivers that flow in to the White Sea abd Barents Sea since 1956; and have since spread west into the North Sea and are now seen in Norway, Sweden, Ireland, Great Britain and Iceland.

Salmon anglers on the Devon should familarise themselves with the information and advice contained in the Fisheries Management Scotland note, Pacific Pink Salmon – Advice Note 2021

Signal Crayfish – A new population of Signal Crayfish have been discovered on the River Almond (West Lothian). The Forth Rivers Trust have details here:

They are a non-native species from North America originally imported as a ornamental animals for garden ponds. Once established they are almost impossible to get rid off and can have a very detrimental impacting on bank stability through their borrowing, predating fish eggs and competing with fish for invertebrates.

Key to prevent the spread is good bio-security practice particularly when having been fishing where Signal Crayfish are known to exist


Most of the Ochils reservoirs remain pretty full, no doubt topped up by the occasional downpour which has characterised June and early July. At the start of June the work party endeavored clear access along the North Bank.

The latest catch returns (to 3rd week in June) shows 73 returns recording a total of 346 trout caught (average weight is 0.5lb and mean 4.7 trout/angler visit but included 10 blank visits). Twelve anglers caught 10 or more fish with the best “bag” being 18. Generally fish were in the range of 0.5lbs but a few trout in excess of 1lb were caught.

The angler winning a free day’s fishing from a draw of the Catch Returns is a Glenrothes resident.

If you mislaid a hat on the 13th June, you can reclaim it by giving Neil a call on 07748573561.


The Devon has benefited from a few small spates in recent weeks which has helped to freshen it up a bit. There are a few reports on social media of decent 1lb+ fish being caught, mostly early in the morning or in the evenings. Once again these fish are being caught on nymphs cast upstream. There is more signs of surface action too, with a number of fish now being caught on dry flies

Its a bit too early for migratory fish entering the Devon, but any spate event from now on might encourage some early visitors to the River. Hopefully the relatively high current level of Castlehill Reservoir will remain, so if we get any serious rain the river will benefit from Glendevon

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Works at Vicars Bridge w/c 07/06/21

Please note access to the river at Vicars Bridge next week may be affected by works to construct the new broadwalk from the car park.

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June 2021 Update

Life is slowly getting back to normal, the river got a good flush last week, a bit of heat has finally arrived and at last the river is beginning to come to life.

COVID – 19

As the lock down has eased we have been able to get permits to all of our usual sellers. In general Covid 19 restrictions allow all fishing activities but we urge members and visitors to obey any local restrictions and conform with the appropriate social distancing and hygiene regimes. See up to date advice from SANA:

COVID-19 – Advice on getting back to fishing – Updated 24th May 2021


The DAA work parties have begun the unenviable task of clearing paths, maintaining access and clearing obstruction in the river. This work is normally undertaken on a Wednesday morning and they are always grateful of any extra pairs of hands. You don’t need any special skills, the work party is fully equipped with a wide range of tools and safety equipment. If you are interested at any time please get in touch by email, a call to David Mudie or ask the bailiffs (Alan, Jim and Kenny)

A couple of initiatives by members and members of the public should be highlighted first:

  • In January Gethin and Anwen, two youngsters from Dollar under the supervision of their mum, Jane Scott as part of their home learning regime undertook litter picks at Dollar Weir and by the Sheardale Bridge. Their haul was impressive (and quite depressing) including a vac, printer, the inevitable Buckfast bottles, 45 dog poo bags, the occasional shoes and the usual collection of cans, plastic and plastic bottles. Fabulous effort on their part, appreciated by anglers and the local community. Well done Gethin and Anwen!
  • In early March, member Christopher Ward and members of the community in Dollar organised a clear-up at Dunning Glen, clearing the usual shocking collection of litter and abandoned camping equipment.

A really great effort, just sad that this has to be done repeatedly. Thanks to Christopher for organising

  • Clive Twiggins and Ronnie MacDonald organised a voyage down the Devon with a wee dinghy collecting rubbish caught in the river and along the bank. A great effort and innovative method for collecting. Of interest it, included in their loot were the remains of ‘Taybags’ washed down in spate from works on the hydro-electric plant at the Cauldron Linn. This was their haul which of course was safely disposed off:
  • There was also a litter pick event at Vicars Bridge in March.

Works have been undertaken at Vicars Bridge to improve access from the car park

The very low water levels during most of the spring has exasperated the problems of ochre being discharged into the river from the Mains of Blairingone Mine Water Treatment facility. SEPA and the Coal Authority were notified, with the Coal Authority instructing their contractors to take appropriate mitigation to reduce the extent of the discharges and to carry out more sampling. Subsequently DAA have been in dialogue with the Coal Authority and hope that they will be able to put measures in place to avoid future discharge problems.


Season is now over ten weeks old and the Ospreys are back in residence. Fish were caught from the off on the opening day, with Christopher Ward landing this cracking fish:

The first returns for March and April 2021, showed that 75 anglers had visited of which 20 had zero catches. This contrasted with a number of anglers which managed returns greater than 15 trout caught. A total of of 182 trout were caught to a total estimated weight of 93lb. This equates to a mean weight per trout of 0.5lb and 2.4 trout/visit (but as the above suggests that is meaningless. One fish was recorded at 1.5lbs and another just shy of 2lb.

Christopher Ward fishing a team of three buzzers from the south bank through rain, snow and hail in late March landed his best Glenquey fish to date:


Conditions have been tough on the river pretty much from the off. With generally cold and dry weather the upper river has relied on compensation water which is generally at this time of year still very cold. Pretty much up to the last week in May the river was fishing slowly, the spate and then warm weather has really brought the river to life over the last week. Without being specific a number of anglers reported over the holiday weekend rising fish caught on dries and nymphs and general signs of activity. Certainly I had short spells on the river for the last two Wednesday evenings, the contrast between the two sessions was marked. First time not so much as a tug or splash, seven days later in the same pools 6 fish caught and p[probably as many missed (all wee fish)


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Himalayan Balsam plucking event – Monday 14 June 2021

David Louden of Dollar is endeavoring to organise a series of community Himalayan Balsam plucking session along the Devon between the Haugh and Sheardale bridges.

The first date in the diary is Monday 14th June between 9.30am and Noon

Anglers along the Devon will be familiar with this pretty but pernicious non-native invasive species, here is an excellent guide to identifying it:

This is a vigorously that out competes native species, which uses it ‘exploding’ seed pods to in time become the dominant species on the river bank. It has limited root systems make banks prone to erosion during spates. It’s weak roots make it easy to pull up and large areas can be covered even by an individual but can only be done before the plant begins to seed in the late summers.

Members are encouraged to attend and support this initiative

If you can’t when on the river why not spend ten minutes clearing a patch:

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EVENT: Litter pick at Vicars Bridge, Saturday 20th March 10.00am

Apologies for the short notice, but we understand that there is an organised litter pick been arranged at Vicars Bridge this Saturday morning (20th March 10am)

I am afraid I don’t have much detail other than it will centre about the car park and clear the accumulated litter in and around the bridge and surrounding woodlands. Members of the DAA have been invited.

If any members care to assist, I suggest heading there with a handful of bin bags for 10am.

Please maintain the rules on social distancing.

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2021 Glenquey update

At the opening days of the season due to the current Covid-19 lockdown, tickets for Glenquey will only be available from the Sorting Office, Dollar. When restrictions ease, hopefully in late April permits will be available once again from Mona’s of Muckhart and the Inn at Muckhart.

Glenquey has not been stocked since 2017 and has reverted once more to a “wild trout fishery”. There has been debate among the members of the committee whether there was a case for additional stocking resuming. Historically, Glenquey was stocked normally bi-annually with Brown Trout sourced from the now closed Howietoun Fishery. In recent years the fish were as big as 10”-12”, but prior to that, fish introduced were as small as 6”.

The committee agreed that this year a concerted effort should be made to analyse catch returns so we can make an assessment on the state of the stock of fish in the reservoir. We know that there is a substantial breeding population in the reservoir, this autumn a number of witnesses reported trout in excess of 2lb going up the feeder burns to spawn, but thanks to the dam there are no opportunities to recruit new stock naturally

Your catch returns are a hugely important tool in collating data about the health of fish stocks in Glenquey.  Unfortunately we only receive about 60% return of catches to the collection box at the reservoir

For the 2021 season we are reaching out to all Glenquey anglers to fill out their catch returns even if you have blanked (that information is just as important) and provide as much information as possible

To help a new collection box has been installed at the car park so that those who have forgotten to post their return at the existing box, may do so.

There are a number of tools available for estimating the weight of fish returned all based on the length of the fish and their condition. A simple solution to avoid carrying/handling a tape measure is just mark a scale on your rod from the end of the grip (for example a lot of competition anglers use insulating tape or tippex at 3″ or 4″ intervals).

These two sites provide really good tools for estimating weights  and

If you choose to remove a fish, please weigh it at home, measure its length and girth and send that information on to the DAA.

We would appreciate your help in amassing the data which might inform our future management plan for Glenquey. Please complete the return as normal and add any other useful information if you have time (locations, water level, weather etc).  If you have distinct views on stocking or not stocking, perhaps you would like to let us know,either on the catch return form or by any other means.

Last and by no means least don’t forget, there is the long running monthly draw of completed catch returns with the prize of a free day’s fishing at Glenquey.




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2021 Permits – March update #1

The new season is getting very very close so time for an update on the permit situation, well for the moment it is literately a cut and paste of the last update Angling Scotland’s Covid guidance for angling –

The lockdown means a number of our outlets remain closed, but we have been able to distribute Brown Trout permits to the following outlets:

DOLLAR – The Sorting Office [including Glenquey Permits]


ALLOA – Buicks

As soon as other are able to open and have permits we will provide an update on the website

While the current restrictions persist, please do not break the Covid Regulations to travel from outside Clackmannanshire to purchase permits. If travel restrictions remain in place on 15th March (hopefully not) then we will find away, in advance of the seasons start, to provide permits for residents of Perth & Kinross. As soon as Covid Regulations allow permits will be distributed to outlets as soon as reasonably practical.

Annual Salmon and Sea Trout permits are available directly from the Hon Secretary as usual.


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Great job opportunity for 18-24 year old from Clackmannanshire

The Forth Rivers Trust are seeking to recruit a Project Support Officer, to support the trust’s work. The candidate will need to be aged 18 – 24, live in Clackmannanshire and not be currently participating in employment or education such as college or university.

The successful candidate will be working with with Forth Rivers Trust Project Officers in conjunction with Clackmannanshire Council’s Flood Risk Team.

Anticipated that the early part of this year will be home working, as restrictions ease it will be a blended model of home working, office-based work and field work with a particular emphasis on working outdoors.

Locations for this role vary will include communities across Clackmannanshire. It will also include work around the Forth Catchment such as Lothian, Stirlingshire and South Perthshire.

This role will provide experience and personal development within the following areas:

  • Environmental Restoration
  • Climate Change
  • Ecological Surveying
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Land Management/ Natural Flood Management
  • Using relevant software and IT packages, including ArcGIS, Microsoft packages, etc

Salary           £17,290 per annum plus pension contribution

Hours           35 hours per week (part time or flexible working available)

Contract:      Until 31st March 2022, extension of contract subject to the confirmation of additional funding

Details of how to apply are here, note the closing date for applications is Monday 14th March 2021, Midnight

[word document]:   Forth RT – Project Support Officer (Clacks Council) 

or via this weblink:

It is a fantastic opportunity to begin a career in environmental or fishery management

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