September update

August has been notable for the most unusual of occurrences …….. rain, in fact enough rain to trigger a number of small spates in the river and fill Castlehill to just about the brim. Fingers crossed a couple of decent rain events may encourage a decent run of Salmon into the river for time for a few years during the actual season!

We have had quite a few reports of good fishing through out the river except on the lower river where spates brought a few days when the river ran pretty dirty as it cleared accumulated silt. Trout up to 4lb and quite a number of this years stocked fish have been caught with the fly and by bait anglers; such as this cracking wild fish caught by Cailean Moore (fishing upstream with nymphs)

A few Sea Trout have been reported including rumours of an 8lb Sea Trout being caught. Ross Haldane had a pair of cracking Sea Trout (biggest about 3lb). One reassuring sign is there seem to be a lot of Salmon and Trout parr troubling anglers …….. can be frustrating but they are the future!

Glenquey has been fishing well. I only have at the moment July figures which showed we 56 tickets were returned and they caught 257 trout (mean 4.6 trout/angler at mean estimated weight of 0.58lbs). The ticket winner was one of Glenquey’s regulars Donald McGregor

A wee reminder to Glenquey anglers that the season close is 6th October these days

The work parties have been very busy clearing paths, quite a bit of fallen lumber and have begun their inspections of the burns to make sure Trout and Salmon can get in to the spawning grounds and that there is enough light to encourage invertebrate life. The latest burn tackled was the Kirk Burn which by all accounts was a real grind. While the attention of the world media focussed on some wee bridge over the Forth, unnoticed the work parties put the finishing touches to their main civil engineering project of the late summer


There is just over four weeks of the Trout season left and another three weeks or so of the Salmon season. It is still worth getting out on the river, while some trout may be beginning to think of spawning bigger fish tend to start feeding aggressively. I have found September a great month for fishing dry flies. I was out late on Saturday afternoon and in a short session I caught several fish like this using a parachute adams tossed upstream on the food line at the head of pools (fish weren’t otherwise rising)

More unusually I spotted and caught this little fella with my scoop net. My big fat paw for scale and a shot in more detail!

Three-spined Stickleback, almost specimen size and probably destined to be Kingfisher fodder!

Best of luck to everyone for the last weeks of the Trout season at Glenquey and on the river. Hopefully the river will get a few spates and we will get some decent Salmon catches to match!

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River Forth Fisheries Trust summer news letter

Our friends at the RFFT latest newsletter

The RFFT have a few big projects on the go at the moment on the Allan and particularly on the Almond where they are undertaking a huge project to remove barriers to fish migration. They haven’t forgotten the Devon; apart from routine monitoring they are shortly going to electro-fish the Hole Burn to see if fish can reach it’s main stem from the river and the upper reaches of the Gairney Burn to establish if fish can pass right through the Gairney Glen (clearing this stream which we think is an important spawning ground is a major undertaking in a pretty remote setting)

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Another DAA construction project

The DAA work party have been busy today (before the rains came) putting the finishing touches to the new bridge they have built at Lower Mains

A great effort by the lads which which will benefit anglers and members of the public

If you fancy getting involved, as a rule the guys meet up in Tillicoultry about 11am Wednesday before heading out to the designated work area.

If you are interested and would like to give a hand, on a regular or even occasional basis please give Alan Armstrong a bell (01259 751120) and he will provide you with the rendezvous information.

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Brief mid-summer update

Now the school holidays are upon us, the rain has arrived not quite enough to put much water in the river above the compensation flow from Castlehill (even after the weekend showers though the river at Vicars Bridge was well coloured at 6.30am this morning there has only been a token rise). At least Castlehill is slowly filling again, so it would be nice to have it full in time for some late season spates

Fishing on the river has been pretty slow; though there have been some impressive catches particularly by the upstream nymphing community. I have had a couple of great evenings speculatively fishing dries at a couple of spots on the upper river catching all age ranges. We received an email from a former resident of Tillicoultry who fished the river for the first time in years:

I am absolutely delighted to report that the river is far cleaner and healthier than I remember. I didn’t see a single piece of litter. And the fishing was wonderful. It really exceeded expectations. There was a good hatch of olives when I started and I managed to pick up fish on the nymph and dry fly from Vicar’s bridge upstream and from Rumbling Bridge to the Crook of Devon until the light faded. I must have had about 30 in all, including two nice fish of between half and three quarters of a pound. I hooked a bigger fish of closer to 1.5 pounds that spat the hook at the net. I’ll be back to try for him another day!

There have been a few Sea Trout reported and the big spring tides last week may have brought a few more in.

May was an exceptional month at Glenquey when 65 anglers caught a total 654 fish (mean 0.59lbs and 10.1 fish/angler visit). In June the action slowed 71 anglers caught 369 fish (mean 0.57lbs and 5.2 fish/angler visit). Obviously the weight of fish recorded in returns is subjective but interestingly the relatively productivity of May compared to June is a consistent pattern in catch returns. Once again a huge thanks to the anglers returning catch returns ……… the May draw was won by an angler from Linlithgow and the June draw was an angler from Tillicoultry.

As ever the work parties have been out and about, concentrating on trying to keep paths and accesses open by a variety of mowing and strimming, but they have also found to complete modest stockings of Glenquey and the river. If you have time to help out then please get in touch with Alan Armstrong ………. see the following post:



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We have had an disappointing report of an angler fishing the lower river having his bag and jacket stolen. The victim had set his bag and jacket down (well hidden) while he fished but on his return found someone had lifted the bag and jacket.

Please be aware of the security of your belongings while out fishing and lets hope this was just an isolated incident.


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Pink Salmon

The Forth District Salmon Fishery Board have confirmed that a Pink Salmon has been caught on the River Leven (the Fife version).

First confirmed Pink Salmon caught within the Forth District on the River Leven (Fife). If you catch a pink salmon or humpy, then please, if possible, keep the salmon alive and phone 0131 447 1527 (or send a message via Facebook) so the one of the River Forth Fisheries Trust’s biologists can arrange for samples of tissue to be taken. If not possible, then please dispatch it as humanely as possible. The Trust Biologists would still like to be have a look at the fish to establish sex, age (though scale samples), likelihood of spawning, etc. Location of the fish when caught is also useful.

If you are aware of any other pink salmon caught in the District please let us know.


Some information of the species can be found here –

Please be aware

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DAA work parties – mid week volunteering opportunities

The routine work parties on the Devon and Glenquey are generally during the middle of the day on a Wednesday. The work is varied ……… anything from building stiles/bridges, clearing shrubbery, removing blockages from the spawning burns, clearing fallen lumber and at this time of year the biggest task, maintaining paths and access by mowing/strimming. Volunteers just need to be willing; the DAA will provide any tool that you might possibly need with a lot of good banter!

If you fancy getting involved, as a rule the guys meet up in Tillicoultry about 11am Wednesday before heading out to the designated work area.

If you are interested and would like to give a hand, on a regular or even occasional basis please give Alan Armstrong a bell (01259 751120) and he will provide you with the rendezvous information.

Any assistance will be gratefully received 🙂

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