Fishing rod left at Glenquey – Sunday 22 May

Chris Adams has been in touch, via comments under the A823 closure post, that someone left a rod up at the DAA Car Park at Glenquey on Sunday 22nd May. It was leaning up through the deer fence and was still there after 11pm when he left.

Chris is anxious to return it to the rightful owner. If it is yours, please drop Chris a message or contact the DAA, with a description to arrange its return.

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A823 Road closure at Glendevon – no restrictions on access to Glenquey from the south

Anglers visiting Glenquey should note that the A823 is now closed just north of Glendevon until the 9th June for replacement of the road bridge over the Creich Burn which was washed away a few years ago. There are no restriction for access to Glenquey from the south via the A823/A91 but anglers visiting from the north will need to follow the diversion (via the A9/M90/A91)

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2022 FDSFB conservation policies

Members holding an All Species Permit (and fish for Salmon and Sea Trout in Forth Catchment) please note the Forth District Salmon Fishery Board’s 2022 conservation policies summarised in this document:

Please note that Devon is a category C river therefore all salmon and sea trout must be returned.

The Board refer to a very useful info-graphic about the impact of water temperature on salmonoid health/behavior. This was produced to inform anglers why some of the Trossachs lochs were closed to angling when the water temperature rose to excessive temperatures putting fish at excessive risk from angling.

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The 2022 season is underway

Welcome back everyone to the 2022 Trout and Salmon season on the River Devon and the 2022 Trout season at Glenquey.

The season has started like last year, with another dry start with the river already showing bleached stones and Castlehill Reservoir has already dropped a feet below the dam level. That said Glenquey is full and we have even been blessed with a spell of almost Mediterranean like weather!

I have had one trip on the upper river and did not touch a thing (perhaps the water is too cool or I have lost my touch …… possibly the former (see info-graphic on other post) but more likely the latter!

I know fish were caught on the opening day at Glenquey. DAA member Andrew Gibson was up last Sunday, busily being ignored by the trout until the sun ducked behind the Ochils, when his luck changed:

The last image proves sometimes its worth waiting for the last moments of the day!

Thanks for sharing Andrew!

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Pre-season Update 2022 #2

Well the new season is less than a week away!

The work parties have been busy endeavoring to deal the impact of this winter’ storms and spates. On Tuesday Glenquey was made ready for the new season, including tidy the boathouse, making sure the bins have bags, updating the notice board etc.

Permits are with the retailers see here for details:

There are a couple of changes this year:

  • Permits will not be available from Dollar Lodges
  • The Inn at Muckhart will be selling permits for Glenquey only

On behalf of the committee, we hope our members and visitors have a great season on the Devon and at Glenquey.

Tight lines

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A plea for Tilly Burn

This rather splendid letter plea for care for the Tillycoultry Burn has been circulated by Micheal Mcelhill, a P7 pupil at Tillicoultry Primary School

Well done Micheal ……… you are absolutely spot on!

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Preseason Update #1

PERMITS – 2022 permits have been printed and arrangements are in hand to begin distributing them to our outlets. Permit price remain unchanged from the 2021 season.

NEW BEAT – We have updated the beat maps section on the website ( ) .

A map showing the extents of our new beat downstream of the Tullibody/Menstrie Road can be found is titled the Lower Beat Map. The Middle Beat Map now covers upstream of the Tullibody/Menstrie Road to Vicars Bridge and the Upper Beat Map remains Vicars Bridge to Castlehill Reservoir


The AGM was held at Alloa Cricket Club on 11th January 2022 with procedures that fully complied with the Scottish Government’s Covid 19 advice on avoiding the transmission of the virus. The meeting was chaired by our president Bryan Anderson, and attended by 13 members.

David Mudie, retiring Hon Secretary gave his final Secretary Report, key points raised:

  1. At Glenquey, 64% of permit holders submitted returns which for the season represented 298 vists (211 members/87 visitors) who reported 837 trout caught at an estimated weight of 417lbs [mean weight 0.50lb and 28 trout/visit.]
  2. The river had a difficult season, with a prolonged drought and high temperatures making trout angling difficult. The Salmon came late when the river was in full spate and only three were caught on the final day. There were Sea Trout in the river, a few were caught including a belting example of 7 to 8lb
  3. The DAA have agreed a new lease with the Crown Estate Scotland for the fishing at Ditch Farm and Easy Gogar. The Crown Estate Scotland is passing over some of its responsibilities to local Salmon Boards. Ms. Grace Wilding has been seconded from CES to the Forth District Salmon Fishery Board.

David Mudie went on to thank our members for their continuing support of the Association. We find ourselves in the fortunate position of increasing the sales of permits, particularly Youth permits who we hope will continue to fish our river!

The officers bearers were elected and two new committee members were welcomed (Chris Ward of Dollar and Gordon Dow of Powmill).

The AGM was David Mudie’s final duty as Honorary Secretary, as he bows out from the role is has held for nigh on two decades to retire. We are fortunate that he has agreed to stay on as a committee member where he will be able to share his extensive knowledge of the fishery and all the red tape that he has had to deal with over the years.

We are fortunate that we have a heir apparent, the AGM agreed that David’s replacement will be Colin Smail who has been a member of DAA committee now for about 40 years!

Colin and David at Dunning Glen

The AGM also acknowledged the resignation of Dennis Toon from the committee after about 40 years of service. Dennis has been (and am sure will remain) a hugely influential contributor to the success of the DAA, through his wide ranging voluntary work with a range of local and environmental organisations in and around Strathdevon.


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Book Corner #2 – A Scottish Wildlife Odyssey and book event

DAA committee member Keith Broomfield is set to have his latest work published by Tippermuir Books in February, A Scottish Wildlife Odyssey – In search of Scotland’s Wild Secrets.

The book is due to be published at the beginning of February and can be ordered in advance from Tippermuir Books

Anyone who has followed Keith’s recent explorations over the last year on Facebook or in his columns in the Press & Journal, The Courier and Alloa Advertiser will have a flavour of the odyssey to be described. The publisher describes it as:

A Scottish Wildlife Odyssey  is a five-month voyage of nature discovery (from southernmost Scotland to Shetland) that includes familiar and lesser-known wildlife locations. It is a personal journey written in engaging style by well-known nature writer Keith Broomfield as he seeks out some of Scotland’s more unusual creatures, including those under the sea.  Wild goats, crooning eiders, white-blushed blackthorns, pregnant seals, screeching terns, flying sea trolls, bottlenose dolphins, mysterious cuckoos, speedy slow worms, bonxies, sea eagles, jellyfish swarms and water voles living in high-rise burrows – they are all part of a large supporting cast in this standalone sequel to If Rivers Could Sing: A Scottish River Wildlife Journey.

During a difficult year, A Scottish Wildlife Odyssey steps out as a beautiful, lyrical new nature book that will allow readers to experience the beauty of Scotland without ever leaving their homes

The Publishing Post, Anticipated Reads of 2022

Keith last book, his super If Rivers Could Sing: A Scottish River Wildlife Journey chronicling a wildlife year on our very own River Devon in central Scotland was shortlisted for the Saltire Society, Scotland’s National Book Awards 2021. Its a book I read cover to cover in a day, and have since dropped in again and again to enjoy …….. highly recommended

Keith is hosting An evening with Keith Broomfield and his book – If Rivers Could Sing with the Dollar Community Development Trust at The Hive, Dollar on Saturday 29th January [19:00 to 21:00]. He will talk about his book and share stories with you about the Devon. It is free but a ticket only event [BYOB acceptable but bring your own glasses]. In addition Beatrix Rochelle, a young nature explorer, will be playing music reflecting her love of the River Devon.

Tickets from Eventbrite and Dollar Library

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Book corner #1 – An Angler Rambles

DAA member Drew Jamieson, has just published a new book An Angler Rambles – Among Scotland’s Trout and Salmon

This is the latest in a series of books about Scottish Salmon and Trout fishing published by Drew

The book is available directly from Amazon and runs to 175 pages complete with 59 black and white photographs/maps.

From the publisher:

  Give a boy a fish – and you feed him for a day, Give a boy a rod …………..and he disappears!” Anon

A new book for a New Year – to whet the appetite for fishing days to come in 2022 – ‘rambling’ with a fishing rod – among Scotland’s salmon and trout waters.

In 1866, Thomas Tod Stoddart published “An Angler’s Rambles and Angling Songs”. Which set the present author on an angling odyssey for trout and salmon around some of the haunts Stoddart described all those years ago. Over his 70-years of ‘rambling’, the current author has fished some classic waters and been involved in fisheries matters at local, regional and national level. He brings some unique background knowledge to this volume.  

Loosely themed around the author’s journey from ‘garden-cane’ to fisheries administration – during a time of change – the main substance of the book, takes the reader ’rambling’ around some iconic salmon and trout waters from Tweed to the Orkneys, from Angus to the Hebrides.
Part-descriptive and part-reportage – this volume touches on the past, present and future of Scotland’s game fisheries. It looks behind the scenes – at some of the geography, history, literature, people – and a little bit of science. 

On the way, it considers some of the issues and challenges of conservation and the water environment with chapters on – the Loss and Recovery of Loch Leven; the Return of Salmon to the Clyde; Safeguarding the Arctic Charr; Helping the Wild Trout.  Those of a nervous disposition may also enjoy “Fishing in an ‘Unco’ World” – the irrational fears of angling in lonely places.

Overarching, are the threats posed by climate change – increased water temperatures; reduced river levels; intense flood events; warming oceans – all pointing to an uncertain future for Scotlands salmon and trout fisheries.

The book is dedicated:  “To all those who have shared my journey in and around the wild salmon and trout of Scotland. A diminishing tribe!” .

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Spring 2022 Newsletter

The latest DAA newsletter is now available for downloading, this is the 23rd issue and final issue to be produced by Dennis Toon. Huge vote of thanks to Dennis for all the effort put in over the years collating/publishing them and equally, as ever, thank you to the contributors!

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