Coronavirus update

In line with a number of other angling clubs, associations and fisheries in the Forth Catchment we are urging anglers to stay at home. We have sought advice and are relying on the latest guidance from the Angling Trust who have been consulting with the UK government and its agencies. This afternoon they issued the following statement:

We must all do what is required of us by the Government and work together to fight this pandemic. Therefore until further notice we should all refrain from fishing. This is about saving lives and supporting the NHS.

In regards to the current restrictions announced by the Government on Monday 23 March 2020 it is clear that the only permitted activities that have been specified are walking, running and cycling for the purpose of local daily exercise. Today we have written to the Sports Minister highlighting the benefits to both physical health and mental wellbeing that angling provides and that we are ready and prepared to offer whatever support the government or Sport England require now or in the future to get people back fishing as soon as is safely possible.

Please respect this advice and stay well!



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2020 Permits

Just to let everybody know that the 2020 Permits have been distributed to all our retailers and are available for purchase.

Permit information can be seen here: Permit information

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Record breaking spate

Anyone trying to travel across Stirlingshire, Clackmannanshire or Kinross-shire last Friday (21st February) will know what a nightmare it was. It took me 2.25 hours to get from Eurocentral to Stirling with the M80 flooded around Denny and the M876 closed , a journey that would normally take 25 minutes and resulting in me missing a meeting. The volume of water flowing in rivers, burns and pouring off fields was absolutely incredible.

I took a detour and parked my car on Naemoor Road just above the gorge at Rumbling Bridge to witness the Devon thundering downstream

Devon in full spate and crashing into the wall holding up Naemoor Road, Rumbling Bridge 21/02/20

Those familiar with the old footbridge that was swept in the 2011 spates will get some idea of how much water was flowing when you note the position of the old abutment position on the opposite bank here:

Devon entering the Rumbling Bridge gorge (note the old bridge abutment on RHS on opposite bank) 21/02/20

Before the reservoirs were built in Glendevon this must have been a more regular event. Anglers who have fished the opposite bank upstream, may well have encountered the potential ankle braking gullies buried in the vegetation where floods have gauged channels in the bedrock.

In the upper reaches the spate peaked during the late evening with the Castlehill SEPA gauge recording 2.076m at 23.00 just 1.6cm short of the record set in similar circumstances in January 2011 (heavy rain and snow melt resulting in the record of 2.092m ay 06.30 on 16/01/11).

As is usual the peak took longer to reach downstream with finally the Glenochil SEPA gauge breaking the previous 2011 record at 12.30 on Saturday 22/02/20. The result was the inevitable overtopping, extensive flooding closing all the roads across the river between Vicars Bridge and Menstrie and considerable damage. It will take time to assess the full impact of these spate events but there have been significant changes in the river.

Following the spate the upper river ran unusually dirty, in part from bank erosion above Castlefhill Reservoir but mostly from a series of significant landslides along the Glendey Burn (by the Muckhart to Dunning road just after Dunning Glen)

Landslip into Glendey Burn 22/02/20

There is little that can be done here,  this is an entirely natural phenomenon as the valley here is geologically a very young valley and the burn is busy eroding the valley sides until one day, in centuries to come, there will be a stable V-shaped valley. The positive impact is that it will encourage fresh sand and gravel to be moved downstream.

Only two weeks to go before the 2020 season opens ……… and hopefully plenty of fishing records can be broken too!



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Italian Casting Style course June 2020

The DAA have been approached by Mike Hendrix from Stirling representing FFM UK. They are group of anglers who have a strong interest in the Italian Style of Casting and run a number of casting workshops at different venues to introduce other fly fishers to a dynamic casting style that has been shown to be very successful in the UK.

They are promoting and inviting anglers to attend a casting workshop at Hoddom Castle on the River Annan, near Lockerbie on the 6th and 7th June, 2020 at £60/head.

Quoting Mike:

We feel the knowledge, practice and experience people will gain at the workshop will at the very least improve their casting skills and their enjoyment of casting dry flies, whist having a fun weekend. However it’s likely they’ll also come away with a better understanding of how good casting will provide them with an advantage and more success. There will opportunities to take one’s casting abilities to a whole new level of experience and success.


They are also holding workshops on the Upper Tees at Middleton-in-Teesdale in NE England (a cracking trout river) and on the river Dee at Carrog, north Wales.

I expect this will be of interest to some of you, particular those routinely embracing new techniques!

Details here in the FFM flyer:

Italian Casting workshop – Hoddom Castle June 2020

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Pre-2020 season roundup

It doesn’t really feel like it but the 2020 season is only four weeks off !

The river has once again seen a series of massive spates. Storm Dennis contribution resulted in the river peaking at the SEPA gauge downstream of Castlehill Reservoir at 6.45pm at 1.982m only 11cm short of the record at this gauge set in similar circumstances in January 2011 (heavy rain and significant snow melt).

By Sunday, the upper river was running pretty mucky normally a sign of a landslip into the Glendey Burn (alongside the Dunning Road) but it transpires that the silt came from the other side of the reservoir where there had been some significant erosion and transport of gravel.

Looking ahead to the new season:

  1. Permits – Permits are with the printers and should be with the outlets by the end of the month. Permit prices remained unchanged from the 2019 season. Unfortunately we won’t have an outlet in Kinross this year, but anglers from the ‘Shire’ can still pick up permits locally at Monas (Muckhart) and the two Inns at Crook of Devon and Pool of Muckhart.
  2. Fish in the Classroom – Alan Armstrong and Bryan Anderson of the DAA assisted Forth Rivers Trust with our local ‘Fish in the Classroom’ school, Muckhart Primary School. Quite apart from supporting the FRT we have once again part funded the school (including a very generous donation from member Ken Hills ) and FRT secured matching funding. Bryan and Alan really enjoyed interacting with the kids and were blown away (and exhausted) by the pupils enthusiasm. Their trout will probably be released into the Hole Burn not far from the school (which holds a resident population of trout which nowadays are extremely rarely troubled by anglers)
  3. Invertebrate Surveys -routine sampling at a number of key locations is being undertaken by members of the committee at key locations. This information will be fed into a SEPA database to be used to monitor the general health of the river and identify potential problems early
  4. Tree Planting – Thanks to Kenny Macaulay we have secured a large number of tree whips from the Woodland Trust. We have secured permission from a local landowner on the Fossoway beat to plant copses adjacent to the river. These will be protected from grazing, will provide cover for juvenile trout and an improvement to the riparian habitat (without impact significantly on fishing). It is intendend to undertake the planting in the Spring 2020. Our intention is to undertake a major weekend work party …… so look out for news on the website as we will need as many volunteers as we can muster!!!
  5. Programme of works on the River – For the 2020 season the DAA has a major programme of works planned for general improvements to the river environment. Details to follow shortly on a separate post

This season Kenny Macaulay has joined the committee and he has volunteered to join Jim and Alan as a bailiff on the River. Kenny fishes generally on the top of the river; he has done incredible working clearing up after the wild campers in Dunning Glen but just importantly has spent a lot of time encouraging wild campers to tidy up after themselves and behave responsibly

Lastly the DAA extends its thanks to Ian Allan who retired from the committee at the end of 2019 season. Ian had been on the committee literally for decades and was very much the DAA ‘go to guy’ for bridges, stiles and any sort of woodwork. An absolute gentleman! The DAA extends its thanks for the huge contribution Ian has made to the Devon Angling Association and best wishes for the future!


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Wild Trout Trust – ebay auction from 20th March 2020

The excellent Wild Trout Trust begin their annual auction to raise funds for conservation work all over the UK to improve the riparian habitat for trout (and everything else that shares the water)

Details are here

and a copy of the current catalogue can be downloaded from

Huge range of opportunities from eye-wateringly expensive days on a chalk stream in England to very affordable opportunities throughout the UK

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Alloa Fly Tying group – updated 28/01/20


DAA member Scott Freeman has been running a fly tying group for a couple of months. They meet most weeks on a Tuesday between 7pm and 9pm at Coopers in Alloa (23 Kellie Place, Alloa, FK10 2DW).

Tuesday 28/01/20 – Tonight’s tying is the black and peacock spider and the hot head damsel. Hopefully see you there

It an opportunity to get together in a very social setting with fellow local anglers to tie flies for the river and still waters and blether about fishing. The group take their own dedicated room with tables, and food/drink is available for purchase from the bar.

You will need to bring your own fly tying gear but Scott will give a heads up in advance of the flies being tied so that you don’t need to bring the “kitchen sink” with you …….. for example they are looking at tying Parachute Sedge patterns next Tuesday.

The easiest way to keep up with the group is to search for ALLOA FLY TYING on Facebook (and you will be able admire in the posts some real quality tying). For non-Facebook users wanting to get in contact with Scott email and I will endeavour to connect you.


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