Late spring update

May has finally seen temperatures rise; the arrival of the first groups of swallows and black headed gulls to the river signified that the river was at last coming to life!

Firstly I am sad to report the death of Gordon Forbes a few weeks ago. Gordon was brought up in Drum and had honed is skills as an angler and countryman on and about the Devon around Crook of Devon. He was an enthusiastic member of the work parties, never afraid to taking on a project himself (mink trapping, clearing the Thorney Burn of obstructions, clearing debris etc.). He served on the Committee for a number of years till illness made him resign in 2016.  He was very passionate about the Devon and in recognition his family spread his ashes into the river on Saturday in memorial.   A good guy!

Once the winter finished in the Ochils (8 brave souls braved the elements in March), Glenquey has been fishing very well (as the local osprey will testify). In April 56 permits were returned to the box recording 122 trout being caught (average 2.17  trout per angler at average weight of 0.75lb). The prize draw from the returns was won by Gordon Dow of Powmill who wins a Glenquey day ticket.

On the May Day bank holiday there were 12 cars parked at Glenquey, which is pretty unusual. The residents in Glenquey did appreciate that cars were parked off the road. Please if the car park is busy, please ensure that the road is kept clear at all times.

The river was very quite with little to report in March and April other a couple of nice 2lb trout being caught by bait anglers. The warmer weather has really brought the river to life, but offset by increasingly low flow in the river. I have heard of anglers down well with nymphs cast to the deeper more oxygenated heads of pools ………. a lot of friends and colleagues would lynch me for saying this but we really could do with a week of rain!

Work parties have started the endless task of striming access routes and clearing back Himalayan Balsam as it begins to sprout!

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Lost property at Glenquey

Fishing related lost property was found at Glenquey by Donald Macgregor; if you have left something there get in touch with David Mudie or via and we will see, if it is the offending property, that you are reunited!

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2018 Season – early season update and news

Well the season is almost four weeks old, though until the last few days, it’s hard to remember such a wintery start to the season. Jim Milne was up at Glenquey very early in the season, reported fishing between ice flows to a background sound track of ice being crushed against the dam wall! I have had the excuse of all sorts of nasty infections to keep me of the water but a hard core of the membership have been out at Glenquey and on the Devon

I haven’t heard of any great success on the river, but the first reports of fish being caught at Glenquey was on Friday 23rd March when Alan Graham caught three 1/2lb fish relying on fishing at 8-9′ depth and noting their very soft takes. Alan was also up this Friday (13th April) in the fog and bagging 11 fish

A very foggy Glenquey

Thanks to the officers of Fish Legal we have successfully won an appeal with the Sheriffs Appeal Court on the 27th March in an action against Scottish Water for the fish kill incident in 2011 (sometime on the 3rd to 4th July 2011 12,000 litres of 96% concentrated Sulphuric Acid discharged from Glendevon Water Treatment Works into the Devon causing a significant fish kill). This has been a prosaic legal argument as to whether the Association as lease holder for the fishing rights had any rights/title to sue Scottish Water. The Sheriffs Appeal Court have now found in our favour allowing the Association through Fish Legal to present a case for compensation before the courts.

All permits were distributed to our suppliers by March 7th; this had been a logistical battle for David Mudie, our Hon Secretary, with the permits arriving late from the printers and then having to get all over Fife, Kinross, Falkirk, Stirling and Clackmannan in the aftermath of the Beast from the East.

There will be a change of ownership at Dollar Paper Shop this year. The existing Post Office in the town is closing, but the new owners of the Paper Shop will be opening a Post Office counter and will continue to act as agents for Devon Angling Association

Alva Primary School completed their Fish in the Classroom project in March sponsored by the Devon Angling Association. A number of the committee members assisted the River Forth Fisheries Trust as the fry were released in the Alva Burn and the children learnt about river invertebrates.

As ever the work parties have been out most Wednesdays (they were excused from work while the Beast from the East passed!) and have completed a number of projects including replacing the footbridge on the south bank by Taits Tomb in early March

Removing the old bridge and salvaging useful components

The new bridge ready for installation

The final product

As hopefully the weather, water and fishing warm up in the next few weeks/months please keep your news flowing in. Use the comments section or drop us an email ( ) with any photos you want to share with us!

Tight lines


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Mists of Time – new tackle outlet in Alloa

Mark and Honor Robertson have been in touch; they have opened a new outdoor store selling fishing and camping accessories in Alloa.

The shop, Mists of Time, can be found at Unit 9, 25 Shillinghill, Alloa [01259 210610]

They already stocking rods etc and will beginning selling bait in the next week or so

The DAA wishes them the best of luck with their new venture!

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Welcome to the 2018 season

The weather doesn’t look like it is going to be too kind for the opening days of the season; cold east wind, sleet & snow …….. don’t panic in a few weeks time winter will be a distant memory, hopefully 🙂

The Devon Angling Association wishes all our members and visitors a fabulous season on the River Devon and Glenquey Reservoir.

Don’t be shy, share your news, thoughts & successes through the comments or by getting in touch directly by email [and I will happily put up suitable pictures, thoughts and stories on the website]

As an aside I have heard credible reports of large pike been spotted on the lower river. Traditionally there was a resident population which was thought to have been wiped out by pollution events from the Mills. Jack Pike occasionally appear in electro-fishing surveys (particularly in the Upper Devon presumably washed down from Castlehill Reservoir). An alternative theory is that it may have been Kelts …….. we will see!



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2018 Permits

The inclement weather of last week slowed the distribution of 2018 Devon Angling Association permits, but we can now confirm that permits have been distributed to all our permit outlets.


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River Forth Fisheries Trust winter newsletter

The latest newsletter from our friends at the River Forth Fisheries Trust can be read here:

There are loads of interesting reading, but one article particular caught my eye. Jo Girvan describes the ‘Rare Migratory Fish of the Firth of Forth’:


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