1. Angling on the River Devon is permitted only for members of the DAA who hold a current permit for either trout, trout and salmon or salmon alone fishing within the dates specified on the permit

Likewise, angling on Glenquey Reservoir is permitted only for persons, including members of the DAA, who have a current day permit to fish the water

Fishing on the River Devon is not permitted on Sundays. All legal methods of fishing for trout are acceptable using a single rod held in the hand at all times. The use of power baits, set lines, otterboards, nets etc. are not acceptable practices. Trout less than 10 inches (25cms) or tagged fish should be returned, the latter after a note has been taken of the tag colour/number and the size of fish

No more than four sizable fish should be taken per day. A record kept noting the date, number and size of the fish caught and kept (if any) should be sent to the Secretary at the end of the season to enable the Committee to assess future stocking requirements.

2. Angling on the Devon and its tributaries upstream from the Menstrie/Tillibody Bridge to the dam below Castlehill Reservoir is permitted with certain sections as follows excepted:

  • The left bank within the grounds of the factory at Menstrie
  • The left bank at Kersie Pow farm
  • The right bank at Glenfoot Farm, Marchglen
  • The caravan site at Rackmill, Dollar
  • The left bank from Dollar Burn to the south boundary at Linnbank Farm
  • The left bank at Muckhart Mill
  • The Rumbling Bridge Gorge
  • The entire left bank from Rumbling Bridge Gorge through Crook of Devon to the Deer Farm fence perimeter opposite to the Scout Camp and the right bank through Crook of Devon to the Scout Camp
  • The left bank from the A91 road bridge (Fossoway) past the fish farm up to the weir
  • From September 1st between the yellow 30 metre marker posts at Dollar Weir

The terms left and right used here refer to the banks as the angler fishes upstream

3. At Glenquey Reservoir:

  • Sunday fishing is allowed
  • A day ticket must be purchased before commencing to fish
  • Members are requested to park in the Anglers Car Park in such a way that 6 cars may be accommodated
  • Fishing is strictly from the bank only; and the use of Float Tubes or other craft for fishing is not permitted
  • Fishing is by fly only (No spinning or bait fishing allowed) and a maximum of 4 sizeable trout may be taken
  • Great care should be taken when wading especially in low water conditions as in some parts the bottom is very soft
  • Please return tickets to the box with catches marked. There will be a monthly draw of returned tickets, resulting in a free day’s fishing for some lucky angler

4. Salmon/Sea Trout Fishing:

  • This fishing extends from the Wooden Bridge below the Cauldrom Linn to the Tullibody/Menstrie road bridge
  • Season tickets are obtainable only from the Hon. Secretary and must be purchased by 31st July
  • A daily permit is available – five from the Dollar Paper Shop and five from Stenhouse, Tillicoultry
  • All members or permit holders must send in a catch return for the season by 20th November in support of the next season’s application
  • A detailed Code of Practice for Salmon and Sea Trout Fishing is issued along with membership

Additional rules adopted by the committee to promote catch and return and conform with Scottish Government Regulations.

  • All Salmon and Sea Trout to be returned to the water unharmed
  • Barbless or debarbed hooks must be used
  • No fly or lure, having more than one hook attached to it, may be used. The fly or lure may only have a lone single, lone double or lone treble hook
  • Worming for Salmon and Sea Trout is not permitted – the only acceptable methods are fly fishing or spinning

Code of Practice – General

Members are expected to comply with The Country Code, and respect the privacy, property and interests of the riparian owners who kindly allow the DAA access through their land. Anglers should be considerate to other persons who live by or enjoy the river or loch side environments

While Bailiffs are employed by the DAA, it is in the members interest to courteously ascertain whether other anglers met on the DAA’s waters are indeed holders of a current permit

If a problem of pollution or major obstruction on the river is observed, please advise the Hon. Secretary and/or SEPA as soon as possible