River maps

The extent of the DAA fishing on the River Devon is shown on the following maps. Please take notice of any signs on the river bank for local restrictions

  1. Lower River – Railway to Tullibody/Menstrie bridge DAA – Lower River beat map 2022
  2. Middle River – Tullibody/Menstrie bridge – Vicars Bridge DAA – beat maps #2 – current 2022
  3. Upper River – Vicars Bridge to Castlehill Reservoir  DAA – Upper River beat map 2022

The Lower River is the new beat for the 2022 season, below the Tullibody to Menstrie road bridge over the Devon. Please note that our new lease does not reach the Tullibody to Menstrie road, so these areas are not including in permits (hatched in red on the map)

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