Welcome to the DAA

Welcome to the Devon Angling Association website.

The Association offer fishing on approximately 15 miles of the River Devon in Clackmannanshire and Kinrossshire; from below Castlehill Reservoir in Glendevon to  Menstrie .

The river provides good opportunities to catch migratory Salmon and Sea Trout, particularly in the later part of the season and the river holds excellent hard fighting native Brown Trout all to the stunning backdrop of the Ochils.

080809 brownie #2

Additionally the Association is able to offer members and visitors bank fishing on Glenquey Reservoir in the heart of the Ochils.

The website is intended to provide information & news for members of the Association, provide a guide for visitors to the Devon & Glenquey and hopefully be of interest to all.

All Salmon caught on the River Devon must be returned to the river without exception. 

For the latest news of the Association , River Devon & Glenquey plus other related snippets please see the DAA News & Blog tab.



531 Responses to Welcome to the DAA

  1. Robert brown says:

    If you don’t stock where does the permit money go you should not be charging for fishing if its self stocking

    • Alan Graham says:

      The permit money goes to the Riparian Land Owners who allow us on to their land , The Crown Estates Scotland and the local Council as the fishing’s have a Rateable value just like your house. . Then we have the up keep of the equipment which is used in bank maintainence and tree removal from the river. etc: so anytime you wish to join us on a work Party Robert feel free to come along any Wednesday look forward to seeing you tyhen.

      • Cailean Moore says:

        The committee do a first class job on tbe upkeep of the river, and the work they do is voluntary. As to stockies, there are several good fisheries in the area that cater for this type of fishing. The river is loaded with wild fish, and I enjoy the challenge in catching wild fish in a river, much more than catching fish reared in a fishery.

    • leven015 says:

      Well, Robert, feel free not to pay for the permit. Just don’t ever fish the river.

  2. Robert brown says:

    Does the Devon angling association stock the river

    • Cailean Moore says:

      No thankfully the river isn’t stocked anymore and it’s on it’s way to being a truly wild river.
      The river is loaded with fish and there’s no need for stockies.

    • Alan Graham says:

      No we no longer stock the River. The reason being that we MUST by law stock none breeding Triploids and as you will be aware all they do is EAT all year – this would put a very serious dent in the natural trout fry and parr.

  3. Bud1994 says:

    The stretch just downstream from the fossoway bridge is getting hammered with weed just now, the narrow runs in between the weeds are stacked full off fish, not easy fishing but definitely satisfying when you get a take!

    • Cailean Moore says:

      That’s good to know. A wee paradun always does well for me up there. I catch lots of wee half pounders at Fossoway, and rarely get into anything decent.
      Tates was fishing well for me last week, with 15 fish in an afternoon session on a double bead nymph on the point and a size 16 Greenwells Spider on the dropper. No weed there to hamper subsurface fishing. River was at a nice height there too.

  4. Kenny says:

    Vicars bridge car park full off building crap. Fly tippers at again.

  5. Greg marshalsey says:

    Hi guy just got my first permit for the Devon. I stay in cambus and was looking for some advice on spots to fish. I’m not 100% on the most popular spots so any tips would be great. Happy to drive to any part too.

    Thanks in advance

    • Graham Halliday says:

      March Glen, Taits tomb, etc.All are popular, but probably overfished. Try to head there, then the further you walk from the overfished bits the better !
      You will enjoy the whole river anyway, so just go fish !

      • Alan Graham says:

        Depends on what type of Fishing you are doing / FLY / Spin or Bait. From Tilly down stream good for Bait and Spin and from Tilly up stream better for the Fly

    • Bud1994 says:

      Welcome greg,

      As graham says all the water available to fish, holds large quantities off fish…. personally I prefer anywhere upstream from Haugh area…. although vicars bridge is an eerie place especially at sunset! 😮😮

      Most off the fish I have had is been off the top, but some nights/days you can’t beat euro nymphing!

      Tight lines!

  6. David wells says:

    Hi can anybody help me out looks for nice pools from Alva to menstrie that are worth a stop in. I’m lookin for a nice spot where I can walk to and catch nice brown trout ??

    • Kenny says:

      If you park at spca centre walk down to the river the canoe course is is all right spot.so is the prison down to the old DCL some good spots . There should be sea trout in the devon soon . Spinning also works well . Mostly walk and seek . Good luck.

  7. Kenny says:

    Hi lost a rainbow below castle hill reservoir. On Friday at the old bridge.first time I have had a run in with a rainbow on the devon.

    • Graham Halliday says:

      They used to be common enough from Castle Hill down to Dollar burn. Usually from Crook of Devon fish farm at that time.
      I caught many above Vicars Bridge early in the season. Haven’t seen one for a couple of seasons.

  8. christopher ward says:

    Had Glen Quey to myself today Had two nice brown trout . Both were bigger than the usual fish I catch up there which was nice . The Devon angling assossciation have done a grand job over the winter cutting back bushes , building wooden pathways etc. The north bank is a waste of time just now as the water is too high to fish that side . There was fish rising at times with a few fly hatches although short lived . It’s a lovely place to fish .

  9. Jack says:

    Hi guys, looking for some advice, I’ve fished glenquey a lot in the last few years but due to work will only get the first two weeks of the season and a couple at the end. I’m just wondering how you guys fish it early doors or is it a case of perseverance? Cheers

    • Cailean Moore says:

      Fish the deeper water, especially at the dam wall up to the old boat house. I like a weighted nymph on the point such as a gold head hares ear and a couple of black and silver wets or buzzers on the droppers. I like an intermediate leader using the countdown method until I find the fish. Retrieve fairly slowly.

    • Alan Graham says:

      On a personal note I use a floater and a Midge tip line all season. Starting with Buzzer’s and if they fail I switch to a Hot head damsel which has always produced. Size wise I stick to 14 and 16 early doors and drop down in size as the season progresses

    • Jack says:

      Thanks a lot for the quick replies Cailean and Alan. Good luck for the rest of the season.

      • Cailean Moore says:

        You’re welcome. I’ll be heading up there until the river comes to life in May. Tight lines.

  10. scottmacher says:

    Hi guys just joined this year any one is there parking near the cauldron linn area of the river is there decent pools for the brownies there.. Thanks scott

    • Graham says:

      Welcome to the DAA; the simple answer is access to the Cauldron Linn requires a decent walk from any direction and over some difficult terrain. It is worth fishing as there are some great pools and plenty of trout. My best advice is to park at Vicars Bridge and start exploring upstream from there. There is a path from Vicars Bridge on the south bank generally above the river (starts at the simple gate in the wood on the road heading backtowards Arndean & Powmill) which bypasses some of the more difficult to access sections of the river. The estate in the past have constructed walkways, fencing and even a great viewing platform high above the river. The area can also be reached from Powmill and Rumbling Bridge. Be aware and take care, you will most likely be alone in as remote a part of Clackmannanshire as can be found. Enjoy.

      • Graham Halliday says:

        I walk in from Rumbling Bridge. You are allowed to WALK through the big gate posts on the North West side if the bridge along to Braehead farm. Turn left immediately after the farm down a lane. Walk across the field to the west if the house down there.Ther is a public stile/gate on the other side of the field. Follow the track down to the river..Great pools. Walk in is half an hour. You can also go down the lane west of Gartwinzean Loan on the A977. It heads North beside 2 cottages. Shorter walk I think – I don’t know if you can take a car down there. A pre season explore would be in order ! If unsure – always ask the locals if it’s ok .

      • scottmacher says:

        Hi mate thanks for that info superb… I fished glenquey today Sunday the 17th 2019i caught a perch around 6ozs I’ve een asked to report it as its a rare catch on this water.. I caught it below the boathouse towards the dam wall

      • Graham says:

        Scott, thanks for reporting and I will share with the committee; it is news to me that there are Perch in the reservoir.

      • Cailean Moore says:

        Perch breed voraciously and can multiply in huge proportions. They eat anything that moves including smaller fish as well as the insect life that the trout rely on to survive. I’ve never seen a perch up there, but Scott is a good angler and I have no doubt it was a perch he caught.
        Let’s hope that the perch remain in small numbers or the trout population could suffer.

      • scottmacher says:

        Thanks for that I m going to walk it today from vicars Bridge

    • ag3111945@gmail.com says:

      Scott sorry but you will have to park at Vicars then your in this is mountain goat country

      • scottmacher says:

        Yip I know a perch I was a pole match angler for 10years caught hundreds of them amongst carp tench roach and bream etc.. Should I have killed it

  11. George says:

    Hello everyone and tight lines for the coming season – not far off now!
    I just wondered if there are plans to stock Glenquey with trout this season? I know that the river won’t be but wondered about Glenquey.

    • Alan Graham says:

      Hi George – no there are no plans at present to stock Glenquey – the river will definitely NOT be stocked this year – see the minutes from the AGM and subsequent news letter

  12. Graham Halliday says:

    At last, caught a salmon on Thursday. 71cms. About 7 lbs ? Tartan – but a salmon nonetheless! Returned safely. This fish was caught at Muckhart Mill, so it had run the whole river, past all those rods ! – just shows, they are there……

    • Graham says:

      Congratulations Graham!

      • Graham Halliday says:

        It was a strong fighter too. Heart in mouth stuff !

      • Cailean Moore says:

        Superb Graham! I bet you’ll remember that for a long time. I saw a few nice tourists during the back end of the trout season, but kept their location secret. The river is in fine form and it was great to see the big true Danica Mayflies on the river in good numbers and even despite the low water conditions for much of the season, the trout were very obliging to my wee nymphs. Has there been any sea trout caught?

      • Graham Halliday says:

        I haven’t caught any sea trout this year or heard of any .

    • Alan Graham says:

      WELL done Graham great news – it must have passed my Fleas to get there

  13. Robert brown says:

    Where does the permit stop ,is it the menstrie bridge or the old railway bridge

  14. Alan Graham says:

    Rock and Roll – lets hope we get some more Rain to bring more up

  15. Kenny says:

    Salmon sea trout went over the falls at cambus flew days ago

  16. Kenny says:

    Hi folks salmon sea trout in the river went over the falls at cambus a flew days a go.

  17. Chris Adams says:

    I just wanted to offer my thanks to the DAA for the free permit which arrived in the post today. I’m delighted to have joined the DAA this year and it has been a revelation to spend a handful of days up on Glenquey – a veritable ‘red-spotted’ jewel!

  18. Alan Graham says:

    To-/day strimming took place at Marchglen and the Black Bridge areas. Tight lines

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