Opening Day

Well the day had finally come and after the traditional opening day ‘faffing’ trying to find rods, reels, fly boxes, forceps etc so carefully put away at the end of last season; I eventually found myself on the river.

I headed immediately to the Fossoway beat to reacquaint myself with a favourite bit of water for the first time in thirty months


T'river opening day

As a fishing trip it was a spectacular failure; the howling gale took the fly in one direction and one direction only and I didn’t have so much as a tug; but it was fantastic to be out on the river again.

I didn’t see any other anglers out only a young boy dressed in green firing a bow and arrow with some skill and an awesome distance. I have not heard of any success on the river but I am sure somebody somewhere will have had a fish!

Roll on a wee bit of warmth and some settled weather.

It was still gre


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