Glenquey – April 2014

Since the opening day the Reservoir has been pretty much full, but has been fished relatively lightly. Catch returns show that most anglers have had at least a bend in their rod, but one angler managed 24 fish in a shift! In April 233 Brown Trout were caught [average 1/2lb but with a number of fish in excess of 1lb]. The reservoir has had been modestly stocked with quality Brown Trout from the Howietoun hatchery.

Eagle eyed visitors may have spotted DAA member Les Hudson comment on the welcome page, where he produced an excellent report describing his visit with his friend Si to Glenquey on April 29th which I have reproduced here with a couple of his photos:

Had my first trip this season to Glenquey on Tuesday. Couldn’t get up there until after 2pm as my friend with the car to get us there was working until lunchtime. As a result we arrived to bright, sunny conditions, the only advantage being a ripple on the water thanks to the SW breeze.   A couple of hours of fruitless thrashing with wet flies (me with a gold-ribbed hare’s ear on the point and good old Kate on a dropper) failed to yield anything.

Les Hudson Glenquey May 2014 #2

I eventually switched to a goldhead PTN and got an almighty subsurface tug near the boathouse, eventually landing a lovely brownie just over the 1lb mark.

Les Hudson Glenquey May 2014 #2.5 - Les

This annoyed my more experienced angler mate who then quizzed me on wet fly techniques (he prefers dry fly fishing). Despite giving him some info. he didn’t connect and was losing interest. I then got another hard take to what must have been a similar-sized fish but it came off after a minute. My friend later admitted to being secretly relieved at this. But he had his moment and eventually did better.

Les Hudson Glenquey May 2014 #3 - Si

We had a break as the evening came on, and then the rise started.

Les Hudson Glenquey May 2014 #1 - risers

Lots of fly life in evidence, including pond olives fluttering across the surface film. My mate was now in his element and popped on a long-legged black gnat further up the bank, which got him a very nice fish of around the same size as my previous one on wets. He was using relatively light tackle – 4-weight rod and DT line, while I had my 6/7 and just couldn’t seem to get as delicate a presentation as a result, as well as the fact that my arm was tiring a little and my spirits flagging somewhat. He then got another on the same fly about 15 minutes later while I tried many permutations and drew a blank!

Les Hudson Glenquey May 2014 #4 - fatty

So that day I was king of the wets and he emperor of the dries. Incidentally, his dries came from a supplier called Island Flies. Some good (and relatively inexpensive) selections and individuals for Scottish fishing. In the interests of balance there are of course many other very good fly suppliers 🙂 But altogether a fun day in relative tranquillity, seeing as we did, only two other anglers, who left by late-afternoon, so that until dusk we had the glen to ourselves. Great stuff.

Fantastic stuff 🙂



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