October update

After one of the longest dry spell in living memory, we are at last beginning to see the weather breakdown and some much needed extra flow in the river. We will have to wait and see if it will be enough to encourage Salmon in to the river before the end of the migratory fish season next Friday (30th October)?

Certainly to date we are not aware of any Salmon having been caught, though there have been a few Sea Trout caught and returned. There is no doubt as soon as we have a decent spate there will be Salmon in the river and thankfully the forecast suggest heavy rain for Tuesday and Thursday night into Friday (last nights rain lifted the river about a foot). Fingers crossed ūüôā

The final month at Glenquey was very successful for anglers.  The mean weight of trout caught 0.64lbs with each angler catching an average of 4.6 trout per session. Over the season we have record that the average weight of the trout caught was 0.62lbs (just about 10 oz) and on average the visiting angler caught 2.5 trout!

get-attachment (2)

This trout was caught in the last days of the season at Glenquey by DAA member Tommy Outerson on a Black Zulu (his other flies of choice being small Dunkeld, Kate Mclaren, Bibios, PTN, GRHE fly and  small black Spiders)

A thorn in the side of the DAA’s management of our waters for far too many years has been the problems associated with wild camping¬†in Dunning Glen¬†and it’s associated challenges of litter, anti-social behaviour and lack of sanitation.¬†In recent years the DAA have worked with Fossoway Community Council, the affected landowners, Perth & Kinross Council and the former Tayside Police to find a solution with out much progress. In recent years,¬†Police Scotland have been¬†very¬†pro-active in policing the area, which has helped¬†curb the worst excesses but littering in particular¬†remains a huge problem.¬†¬†On a number of occasions the DAA and Fossoway Community Council have organised clear ups¬†which have generated huge quantities of waste.¬†¬†This year has brought a new,¬†unexpected and very welcome¬†development ………. Police Scotland have arranged clear ups using the services of the¬†Unpaid Work Team ‚Äď Community Payback Scheme run by the Criminal Justice Service which has left the Glen looking relatively tidy.

Elsewhere the River Forth Fishery Trust biologist Jo Girvan and members of the work parties have been doing electro-fishing surveys on the upper river and burns. The Fishery Trust have also appointed a contractor to undertake improvements to the Dollar Weir to increase opportunities for fish to migrate upstream (Salmon, Sea Trout and of course the Brown Trout), but this work will be undertaken now in 2015.

The DAA AGM will be held on Wednesday 13th January 2015. As soon as the venue is confirmed we will post details on the website

For those venturing out on the river for the final seven days of the Salmon season, best of luck and for the rest content yourself with the thought that its only 144 (ish) days to the start of the 2015 trout season!



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