Seasons end 2014

Friday saw the end of the 2014 season.

The rain had arrived properly over the previous week creating the first big spate leaving debris high up the bank:

spate debris

This finally brought some fresh fish in to the river, literally just in time and encouraged a lot of anglers out on to the river (a regular was spied at Vicars Bridge just at first light getting a quick session in before work)

Personally despite fishing very hard through Thursday afternoon till just dusk on Friday all I had to show for my efforts were super aggressive brownies attacking my flies normally taking the tail of the fly shaking their heads a bit before letting go. In fact on Friday afternoon it felt more like early September with regular rises of some very big brownies mixed in with splashing of fresh salmon.

I did however get a fright when there was an almighty splash about 20 feet behind me, thinking what sort of ‘zoo creature’ had created that splash I turned but before I could react was almost knocked off my feet by a 10 foot long branch which had spontaneously decided to fall (there was hardly a breath of wind)

evil tree

 Perhaps some evil Halloween spirit at work?

Downstream at the bottom of a long pool a heron sat patiently waiting for a bite himself; it wasn’t have much luck either. In the time it took me to cover the pool, a huge brownie had risen a four or five times and three fresh fish jumped for joy right in front of his beak (I guess they had just forced their way up the long riffle below the pool)

the other angler


I think other more skilled salmon anglers should have had a good week, we await with interest the final tally. Alan Graham certainly had a great final day getting a Sea Trout and a Salmon:


Alan Graham Sea Trout 311014

Alan Graham Salmon 311014

Don’t be shy if you have any nice photos or tales of your salmon season please share!

Now all we need to be doing for 2015 is learning some effective rain dances

A wee gentle reminder ………. please return catch returns at the earliest opportunity please [see ]



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