Safe passage – Scotland against Salmon farms

The Association have been approached by the campaign group Protect Wild Scotland for support for their ‘Safe Passage’ campaign

They are advocating and campaigning for at the Scottish Government and the salmon farming industry immediately establish :

  1. A Moratorium on the expansion of salmon farms.
  2. A 32km ‘Safe Passage’ zone around river mouths

Anybody with an interest in wild fisheries and conservation in Scotland will be in no doubt of the issues and challenges presented to our native fish at sea from over fishing of salmon prey (often to supply fish farms), coastal netting stations and the curse of fish farm induced sea lice infestations.

There is lots of information here about their campaign:

and there is a leaflet here:

Click to access colourchangefbtwitter-good-for-links.pdf

You may wish to support them in their campaign


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