River Devon April update

It hasn’t been the easiest of starts to the season with periodic snow melt, low water levels and cold water temperatures supressing hatches and trout activity. The best of the early season fishing was had by the bait anglers, while the fly fisherman had to be in the right place at the right time.

I met one river regular who had happened upon a short hatch of March Browns and was lucky enough to catch some nice  fish on a March Brown dry pattern. Another angler managed five nice fish (and lost another four) during sporadic hatches of olives using the classic combination of Pheasant Tail Nymph on the point and Greenwells Glory on the dropper.

On the limited occasions I have been on the river further upstream I have only spied a single rise; though it has to be said that I have managed to miss every decent days weather but the scenery has been grand:

April Devon

As mentioned in the Glenquey report, in mid April the Association stocked the river with fish from the well renowned University of Stirling’s Howietouin Fishery [http://www.howietounfishery.co.uk/ ]. In line with current best practice we have used Triploid Fish [sterile fish] which will be identifiable by their clipped Adipose Fin. We  now expect by 2017 the Scottish Government will only allow Triploid Fish to be used for routine stocking.

The guys on the work parties have been busy clearing the winters fallen lumber and improving access along the river. Some things however don’t go plan such as the day they began clearing this obstacle in the river:


No sooner had work commenced was it realised that they were taking apart the rather grand nest of a Mallard family with their brood of nine eggs ………. work was suspended for another time 🙂

The recent heavy rain resulting in three spates were river levels in the upper reaches rose by  60-70cm have freshened up the river no end and I am sure when combined with the longer warmer days of late Spring that things bode well for fishing on the river in the rest of May and into June!




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