Greetings, it’s only 60 days to go!

A slightly belated Happy New Year to all our members and visitors

With the thermometer plunging and the Ochils white with snow, its nice to reflect that the new fishing season on the Devon is only 60 days away!

Hopefully by the time the new season opens on Tuesday 15th March things will have warmed up a bit and the fish will be decide to be co-operative!

Once again our faithful regulars on the DAA work parties have been beavering away through the winter doing their best to keep on top of the flood/wind damage, clearing access to the spawning burns and clearing some of the jungle on the north bank of Glenquey.

Members and visitors to both the river and Glenquey are blessed to be served by this small gang of very dedicated and hard working members who give up an enormous amount of their time/energy to improving the fishery and access for anglers.

Hats off to the work party and thanks 🙂

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