The Devon’s other anglers

In my experience the most likely mammal you are likely to encounter in the river other than other anglers, are dogs! I have even been knocked of my feet by an over exuberant Labrador (thankfully towards the bank, avoiding a soaking). Around Dollar and Tillicoultry I have often come across mink scurrying about in the riverside trees and bushes, and occasionally in the river fishing. I know that there are otters on the river, I see their scat but have only caught momentary glimpses of them.

Mick Berney had much more luck this week and was able to snap this lad playing in the river:



This area has been a bit of a mink hotspot in the past. One of the good things about the otter is that they will not tolerate completion from mink and their presence will generally drive down the mink population.

Thanks to Mick for sharing the pictures

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5 Responses to The Devon’s other anglers

  1. David McCabe says:

    I saw a mink on the far bank at vicars bridge a fortnight ago. It wasn’t bothered by my presence at all and scurried up and down in the city er of a fallen tree before splashing g into the water. This is my excuse for not catching a fish!

  2. coln baxter says:

    There’s plenty of evidence of beaver activity on the river at Alva. Chewed-off willow stumps and bark-stripped branches. Haven’t actually seen one yet, but they are there, or at least one is.

    • Graham says:

      Fresh signs?

      There was evidence of beaver activity a few years ago on the Devon, but the culprit appears to have been the victim of a collision with a car …….. I guess it is just a matter of time!

  3. Axil 1994 says:

    I believe these photos were taken at taits tomb just as the burn enters the river! I first seen them few year back, they seem to be doing well!

  4. Gordon Anderson says:

    Saw 4 at Tait’s Tomb foraging the river and bank.

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