July brownies

Cailean Moore is a regular angler on the river has demonstrated that with a careful approach even in low water conditions good trout can still be caught.

At the start of the month he was able to catch 14 trout in one outing on dry flies, three of them in excess of 30cm, such as these:



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3 Responses to July brownies

  1. Cailean Moore says:

    I had to crawl on my hands and knees to get within casting distance of these fish. I have caught the top one 3 times. It has a distinctive mark on its shoulder, a wound probably from the resident heron.
    Hopefully as the month progresses, we’ll see a rise in water levels.

    • Arthur Martin says:

      Bonnie fish, I’ve had a few myself around the half pound mark, but having to work hard for them. Great fun though and if you can get them in these conditions it sure puts a smile on your face.

      • Cailean Moore says:

        Good to see lots of wee fish too in the river. Means the river is healthy. Lots of fry in the shallows too, so great that the trout are breeding.
        Find that every pool holds at least one big fish, much larger than the rest. Caught another 17″ trout yesterday and got broken by something huge. French nymphing on the bottom gets the bigger ones instead of the wee kamikaze fish. Not seen any salmon or seatrout yet, but they must be there after all the rain we’ve had. Tight lines.

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