Salmon anglers – The Forth Returning Adults Project

The Forth District Salmon Fishery Board (and/or River Forth Fisheries Trust …… its all the same team!) are reaching out to anglers throughout the district to assist with the Forth Returning Adults Project.

They are collecting scale samples from salmon returning to the Rivers Forth, Teith, Devon and Allan Water so that we can determine if the fish have returned to the river they originated from, or if they have strayed into a neighbouring river.

The Forth Returning Adults Project aims to investigate ‘straying’ using genetic analysis. Juvenile salmon in these rivers have already been analysed to determine their genetic make-up. The results showed that fish could be matched to each river with a reasonable level of accuracy. Now, we can do the same for returning adults, by comparing their genetic make-up to the juvenile populations. All we need is a sample of around five scales from as many rod caught adult salmon as possible.
If you would like to be involved in helping to collect this information get in touch with Sylvian ( ) or by calling 0131 4451527 then we will provide you with a sampling kit and leaflet which explains how to collect the scales and what information you will have to collect.

David Mudie has some sample kits which he has distributed to the candidates he expects may have the best chance of catching a salmon this season [the webmaster wasn’t one of his candidates ……… which indicates just how successful a salmon angler he is 😉 ]

As an added encouragement

All anglers returning scale samples will be entered into our prize draw, with top prizes of a £50 voucher for angling active and a bottle of Macallan single malt, plus various runners up prizes. Winners will be contacted directly and announced on our website at the end of the season.

Please if you have a salmon permit please get in touch with Sylvian, this is a really important project!

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