Salmon scale sampling

Our friends at the River Forth Fisheries Trust are undertaking a large scale ‘scale’ sampling project over the whole district to help to begin to understand the genetic background of migratory fish in the catchment and have asked anglers to provide scale samples

Following a second very dry autumn the Devon only had one legal caught Salmon declared and no meaningful opportunity for scale sampling. This was very frustrating as we know  numerous fish entered the river in October ……… but they proved remarkably difficult to catch.

In an endeavour to contribute to the survey the DAA supported the Trust in a fruitless netting exercise at Cambus. A week or so ago the stalwarts of the DAA work party supported the Trust over two sessions of electro-fishing at Dollar Weir and downstream of Vicars Bridge. It was never going to be easy as mature salmon are not as susceptible to stunning as younger fish but the usual suspects turned out to support  Joanna, Jonathan and Sylvian from the RFFT


The team getting ready


The RFFT team electro-fishing the approach to the fish pass


Sylvian going the extra mile


The whole team ready with nets

A couple of salmon were momentarily stunned but missed by the nets …….. so we need to start praying right now for an exceptional wet August/September/October 2017 (purely for science 🙂 )

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