Early May update

A wee bit of an update on the Devon and Glenquey now we are a few good weeks into the 2017 season

Though I haven’t seen it yet I understand that Alan Liddle has written a two page feature on fishing both the Devon and Glenquey in the latest issue of Fly Fishing & Fly Tying [June 2017] …….. I know from personal communications that he is a real advocate for our waters!

The river is currently suffering from the unusually dry spring and is really getting down to bare bones, the early season spates becoming a distant memory. Bait anglers have still having good sport with some impressive +2lb brownies being landed. Warmer days have brought fish to the surface improving sport for the fly fisher, but the low water has made them super spooky. There have been some wee Sea Trout caught (in common with other rivers on the Forth System) and disappointingly a Rainbow Trout has been caught in the lower river.

A quick reminder if you do catch a Rainbow Trout, please remove it from the river.

While this weather may be great for getting the lawn in condition and muckshifting …….. we really need a few weeks of rain!

At Glenquey the water remains relatively high, the Osprey is back and anglers have enjoyed some really grand fishing. In April there were 46 returns made, reporting a total of 166 trout caught (3.6 trout per visit, but that masks a few anglers that blanked and one angler who managed in +25 trout ……. he lost count!). Total weight was 108.5 lbs (showing a typical mean weight of 0.65lbs

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