Pink Salmon

The Forth District Salmon Fishery Board have confirmed that a Pink Salmon has been caught on the River Leven (the Fife version).

First confirmed Pink Salmon caught within the Forth District on the River Leven (Fife). If you catch a pink salmon or humpy, then please, if possible, keep the salmon alive and phone 0131 447 1527 (or send a message via Facebook) so the one of the River Forth Fisheries Trust’s biologists can arrange for samples of tissue to be taken. If not possible, then please dispatch it as humanely as possible. The Trust Biologists would still like to be have a look at the fish to establish sex, age (though scale samples), likelihood of spawning, etc. Location of the fish when caught is also useful.

If you are aware of any other pink salmon caught in the District please let us know.


Some information of the species can be found here –

Please be aware

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