Season 2018 news

Well the new season is a mere 19 days away!

It may be a slow start to the season with the imminent arrival of the ‘Beast from the East’, spring may be a wee bit delayed this year. I have just checked forecast for the opening week:

The river will be the most likely place for success in the early days of the season, as I expect that Glenquey will be iced over. The boys from the work party were up on Wednesday clearing more bushes from the bank to improve access:

Despite the relatively mild weather through the earliest parts of the week, Glenquey itself remained in the grips of winter:

The work party will be tackling the north bank which is a major undertaking due to the constraints of access. We are grateful to local landowners (Mr Best and Mr Livingston) for their help in providing access for our work parties.

We have had a wee problem with the printers, resulting in a delay in the delivery of the 2018 permits which is now sorted. Permits are being distributed to our outlets; the list of permits suppliers can be found here:

Please note that our outlet in Alloa is now Buicks (Alloa) hardware store, Union Street, Alloa FK10 1EL

The Devon Angling Association have once again supported the River Forth Fisheries Trust with the Fish in the Classroom project. This year we worked with the Trust’s Amy Fergusson and Alva Primary School; with Ronnie Breingan, Colin Smail  and David Mudie from the DAA meeting P6 pupils. Details of the project are here:

The Devon Angling Association hopes that our members and visitors have a great season in 2018. Tight Lines



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4 Responses to Season 2018 news

  1. leven015 says:

    Can someone please tell me where to renew my season ticket for 2018?
    I sent last year’s, together with the relevant cheque to David Mudie at the Alloa address and it has now been returned with the Royal Mail comment that ” addressee gone away”. So with the start of the season only a few days away I am getting quite desperate.

    Tight lines


    • Graham says:

      Brendan, the contact details on the webpage for David Mudie are correct (i.e. Mr D. K. Mudie, 19 Norwood Avenue, Alloa, FK10 2BY) so I am not sure whats gone wrong. I suggest you send it again and give David a phone call then at least he can prepare the permit to get it sent back to you at the earliest opportunity.

      • leven015 says:

        Thanks. Alloa is actually only a short drive away so I will probably give David a call and head over there on Saturday or Monday.


  2. Christopher Ward says:

    Well done and thanks to the work parties for improving the environment for anglers . I’m planning to try my hand at nymphing on the river this year, inspired by past posts on this blog. I would be grateful if some of you successful nymphers could give me some advice on leader set ups, nymphs and sizes for the Devon. I have a 10ft 4# rod and an impatience for the start of the season so a bit of chat helps wet the appetite. Cheers , Chris .

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