Italian Casting Style course June 2020

The DAA have been approached by Mike Hendrix from Stirling representing FFM UK. They are group of anglers who have a strong interest in the Italian Style of Casting and run a number of casting workshops at different venues to introduce other fly fishers to a dynamic casting style that has been shown to be very successful in the UK.

They are promoting and inviting anglers to attend a casting workshop at Hoddom Castle on the River Annan, near Lockerbie on the 6th and 7th June, 2020 at £60/head.

Quoting Mike:

We feel the knowledge, practice and experience people will gain at the workshop will at the very least improve their casting skills and their enjoyment of casting dry flies, whist having a fun weekend. However it’s likely they’ll also come away with a better understanding of how good casting will provide them with an advantage and more success. There will opportunities to take one’s casting abilities to a whole new level of experience and success.


They are also holding workshops on the Upper Tees at Middleton-in-Teesdale in NE England (a cracking trout river) and on the river Dee at Carrog, north Wales.

I expect this will be of interest to some of you, particular those routinely embracing new techniques!

Details here in the FFM flyer:

Italian Casting workshop – Hoddom Castle June 2020

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