2020 Permits

Just to let everybody know that the 2020 Permits have been distributed to all our retailers and are available for purchase.

Permit information can be seen here: Permit information

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6 Responses to 2020 Permits

  1. Mark says:

    Hopefully it won’t be too much longer until we can go fishing again now that England have been given permission.
    I can see problems obtaining permits from the usual outlets.
    Surely now is the time to set up e-permits for Glenquey via PayPal or something. I have always found it a hassle going to buy a permit especially as quite often I can only escape the family for a few hours. Stopping to get a permit really cuts into my fishing time.
    I would be quite happy to pay a little extra if needed to cover any PayPal fees.
    You might even be surprised at how many you sell

  2. Christopher Ward says:

    Hi Folks, it is possible that restrictions on fishing will be lifted before others. Can anyone foresee any issue with obtaining a day permit for the quey. I was thinking mainly about small outlets being closed, especially on a sunday. Could we for example purchase a sunday day permit the day before? Might be worth having a think in advance. P.S Cant wait to fish the Devon and Quey again.

    • Cailean Moore says:

      Hi, I’ve been getting reports of people illegally fishing on the Devon during the lockdown.
      I can’t see any number for people to call to report this and have passed on the Forth number and 101 for the police.
      Guys, can we have a Devon number featured prominently on the home page with the Covid-19 report please, so that these muppets fishing illegally and wasting it for the rest of us can be dealt with.

  3. Graham Halliday says:

    Found a depth marker board among the flotsam near Rackmill weir. I have placed it on top of the Rackmill bridge wall at the start of the footpath, to keep it away from vandals.

  4. Cailean Moore says:

    It would be great to have a combined river and Glenquey season ticket, like other associations have. Going into retail outlets to buy a Glenquey permit, makes you feel obligated to buy something, and while not being a miserable skinflint, I’d rather be fishing. Permits are also restricted to the opening hours of these outlets.
    Why can’t we have a season ticket for the loch and the river, like I have for the Carron and the Coulter? A lot less fluffing about trying to buy a day ticket for Glenquey.

    • Graham says:


      Fair comment ……. I stand to be corrected but I think the requirement to buy a specific permit relates to conditions in our lease which I think limits the number of anglers at Glenquey at any given time. At the time the DAA took on Glenquey as compensation for lost fishing on the Devon, when Castlehill Reservoir was built, this was deemed to be the best way of managing that issue.

      I will raise your comment on your behalf with the committee when it meets later this month and report back …… I think the inevitable move to e-permitting will be the ultimate solution.


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