Coronavirus update

In line with a number of other angling clubs, associations and fisheries in the Forth Catchment we are urging anglers to stay at home. We have sought advice and are relying on the latest guidance from the Angling Trust who have been consulting with the UK government and its agencies. This afternoon they issued the following statement:

We must all do what is required of us by the Government and work together to fight this pandemic. Therefore until further notice we should all refrain from fishing. This is about saving lives and supporting the NHS.

In regards to the current restrictions announced by the Government on Monday 23 March 2020 it is clear that the only permitted activities that have been specified are walking, running and cycling for the purpose of local daily exercise. Today we have written to the Sports Minister highlighting the benefits to both physical health and mental wellbeing that angling provides and that we are ready and prepared to offer whatever support the government or Sport England require now or in the future to get people back fishing as soon as is safely possible.

Please respect this advice and stay well!



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3 Responses to Coronavirus update

  1. mark kells says:

    I read that today the fishing ban in scotland might be lifted .. any news on this . Thanks

  2. Cailean Moore says:

    Hi, I’ve been getting reports of people illegally fishing on the Devon during the lockdown.
    I can’t see any number for people to call to report this and have passed on the Forth number and 101 for the police.
    Guys, can we have a Devon number featured prominently on the home page with the Covid-19 report please, so that these muppets fishing illegally and wasting it for the rest of us can be dealt with.

  3. Alan Armstrong says:

    I think if one can walk to a river it could have been included. Perhaps too difficult to police so blanker ban probably best on reflection.

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