Covid19 update #3 – Fishing on the Devon from Friday 29th May 2020

Great news we have now entered Phase 1 and the Scottish Government has given the green light: fishing on the River Devon is conditionally permitted once again from Friday 29th May 2020. Unfortunately, Glenquey remains closed for fishing but the DAA are committed to make it available to anglers as soon as practicable.

Under Scottish Government guidelines angling is permitted provided that your journey from your local community is broadly no more than five miles and that the well established social distancing procedures are adhered to. The DAA are relying on anglers own consciousness and responsibility to adhere to the travel restrictions and social distancing requirements. For the avoidance of doubt anglers need to consider the following bullet points in planing their fishing:

  • Journeys to the River Devon by car should be limited to broadly five miles from your own community
  • Anyone displaying symptoms of Covid-19 or shares a household with any individual displaying symptoms, should not go fishing and continue to follow government guidance on isolation
  • If you are in the highest risk (shielding) group outlined by the Government, then you should stay at home.
  • Angling must be undertaken on a solitary basis or only with people from your own household. Social distancing in accordance with Scottish Government guidelines must be maintained at all times.
  • Always follow good hand and respiratory hygiene guidelines e.g. washing of hands,
    use of face coverings in enclosed spaces.
  • Give due consideration to social distancing when parking vehicles, walking along river banks and encountering other anglers and members of the public
  • Do not share tackle outwith the members of your household
  • Take your own food and drink to reduce potentially coming into contact with others.

Regardless that a number of outlets for permits remain closed, anglers fishing on the River Devon must have a valid permit without exception. If you encounter illegal fishing please contact either/both:

  • Forth District Salmon Fishery Board bailiff – 07887 835549
  • Police Scotland – 101

Please on behalf of the Devon Angling Association, if you are able get out ther, and enjoy our fabulous river ……… please share your experiences (words, prose, photos, videos, tik-tok etc etc to

Good luck & enjoy the first taste of freedom from lockdown!

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