Lost fly box at Taits Tomb lay-by (20/06/19)

Any one out and about the lay-by at Taits Tomb today (Saturday 20th June) that came upon a fly-box containing this fine selection of nymphs (and the other side containing dries); then please get in touch the owner would love to get it back!


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5 Responses to Lost fly box at Taits Tomb lay-by (20/06/19)

  1. brian says:

    hi guys is it just me or has the fishing at loch got much harder fish seem disinterested or maybe its just my rubbish flies definetly not getting same numbers or tugs and not so many rising might have to try a couple of wee evening sessions

  2. Brian says:

    Hi guys was fishing glenquey recently went up over the hill and saw a couple of guys fishing down bottom end they scurried off quickstyle was up again today and down bottom end saw another dodgy looking team 2 fishing with spinning rods and one over far side They had tent set up with dogs the lot with them after a heated discussion about poaching and telling them about getting their gear confiscated they decided to move with the usual abuse from the other bank while they were packing up god knows how long they were and how many fish they had chapped but they said there were no signs to which I had no answer

    • Cailean Moore says:

      The river at Tates has been getting hammered too during the lockdown. It’s bad enough none of them having permits, but it’s the mess they leave.

  3. Graham says:

    Thanks Cailean ……. nice touch!

  4. Cailean Moore says:

    I’ll help you out with some replacement nymphs that work well on the Devon. I’m having a clear out of my boxes and I’ll keep them by for you. Message me and I’ll arrange for you to come and pick them up during the week.

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