New Book – If Rivers Could Sing: A Scottish River Wildlife Journey: A Year in the Life of the River Devon

Some of you may know Keith Broomfield, an active member of the DAA committee. He is often to be spotted around the river armed with his cameras, capturing amazing images of Strathdevon’s landscape, flora and fauna which are used to illustrate among other things  his regular columns in the Alloa Advertiser and the Courier.

Tippermuir Books Ltd have just published Keith’s new book “If Rivers Could Sing: A Scottish River Wildlife Journey: A Year in the Life of the River Devon”  [ISBN-10 : 1913836002 & ISBN-13 : 978-191383600]. The book is available directly from the publisher , from other online booksellers and no doubt locally over a counter!

Rivers have captivated wildlife writer Keith Broomfield since childhood: special serene places where nature abounds and surprises unfold at every turn. In this personal Scottish river wildlife journey, he delves deeper into his own local river to explore its abundant wildlife and to get closer to its beating heart. The course of the Devon is a place Keith has come to know well and somewhere that has become part of his being. If Rivers Could Sing is a book for all who love wildlife, wild places, and Scotland’s natural heritage.

It is a fascinating read, particularly for anglers familiar with the River Devon, as so many of the places mentioned are familiar. I suspect my copy will end up with a worn out spine in a few years, as it will definitely be re-read. Highly recommended!

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