January 2021 update

Happy New Year to all our members, visitors and friends!

Once again we find ourselves in lockdown, but hopefully there is light at the end of the tunnel with the vaccine roll out and it’s only 56 days before the fishing season opens on the Devon and at Glenquey!

While there is no point at this stage trying to predict what restrictions may be in place, eight weeks away, at least for the moment the Scottish Government seem content that angling is an appropriate outdoor activity to undertake during Covid 19 restrictions. Closer to the opening of the season we will update the website with relevant information regarding any restrictions, social distancing and permits.

There is no change to permit prices from the 2020 season

Permits will be distributed to our outlets during February, when hopefully they will be all trading by then.

As usual Dennis Toon has collated our annual newsletter which makes a really interesting read which can be read here:

DAA – newsletter – Spring 2021

With the AGM delayed, where there is normally a vote of appreciation cast,  can I on behalf of the Members and Visitors thank our Honorary Secretary David, President Bryan, our Bailiffs (Jim, Alan, Kenny & Greame) and the members of the work parties for all the hard work, time and dedication in keeping the Devon Angling Association ticking, particularly during such a challenging year. It is much appreciated!

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4 Responses to January 2021 update

  1. johnanderson1944 says:

    Thanks to Graham for running one of the best fishing Web sites and keeping everyone informed in these trying times .Also praise to the committee for all the work done through out the year ,Also work parties and bailiffs deserve praise for work done all through the year in some testing conditions . Also praise to Eileen for the book keeping which was excellent as usual .We cant forget our secretary David Mudie who has over many years did a sterling job in keeping the Association ticking over . Also to all the Members who bought tickets last season , Without all these people there would not be a Devon Angling Association .
    My deepest thanks to all these people .
    Bryan Anderson
    President D.A.A .

    • Ian says:

      A February update said that some retailers had 2021 season permits, including Buick in Alloa.
      I was in the shop this week 15th Feb and was told they don’t have them.
      For sure there is no rush but is there a delay getting them out even in Clackmannanshire ?

  2. Graeme Burns says:

    Thanks to the committee for all their hard work on the Devon. Also, to Dennis for his work with the annual newsletter. Finally I hope we will all enjoy an enjoyable and successful season on our lovely river. Tight lines. Graeme Burns

  3. Cailean Moore says:

    Never has there been a need for a Facebook page as now due to Covid.
    I heard that this is a possibility and would be a good way of keeping us anglers informed throughout the season

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