2021 Glenquey update

At the opening days of the season due to the current Covid-19 lockdown, tickets for Glenquey will only be available from the Sorting Office, Dollar. When restrictions ease, hopefully in late April permits will be available once again from Mona’s of Muckhart and the Inn at Muckhart.

Glenquey has not been stocked since 2017 and has reverted once more to a “wild trout fishery”. There has been debate among the members of the committee whether there was a case for additional stocking resuming. Historically, Glenquey was stocked normally bi-annually with Brown Trout sourced from the now closed Howietoun Fishery. In recent years the fish were as big as 10”-12”, but prior to that, fish introduced were as small as 6”.

The committee agreed that this year a concerted effort should be made to analyse catch returns so we can make an assessment on the state of the stock of fish in the reservoir. We know that there is a substantial breeding population in the reservoir, this autumn a number of witnesses reported trout in excess of 2lb going up the feeder burns to spawn, but thanks to the dam there are no opportunities to recruit new stock naturally

Your catch returns are a hugely important tool in collating data about the health of fish stocks in Glenquey.  Unfortunately we only receive about 60% return of catches to the collection box at the reservoir

For the 2021 season we are reaching out to all Glenquey anglers to fill out their catch returns even if you have blanked (that information is just as important) and provide as much information as possible

To help a new collection box has been installed at the car park so that those who have forgotten to post their return at the existing box, may do so.

There are a number of tools available for estimating the weight of fish returned all based on the length of the fish and their condition. A simple solution to avoid carrying/handling a tape measure is just mark a scale on your rod from the end of the grip (for example a lot of competition anglers use insulating tape or tippex at 3″ or 4″ intervals).

These two sites provide really good tools for estimating weights  https://www.durhamflyfishing.co.uk/resources/Brown%20Trout%20Weight%20Length%20Ratio%20DFFCo.pdf  and http://www.letsflyfish.com/weight.htm

If you choose to remove a fish, please weigh it at home, measure its length and girth and send that information on to the DAA.

We would appreciate your help in amassing the data which might inform our future management plan for Glenquey. Please complete the return as normal and add any other useful information if you have time (locations, water level, weather etc).  If you have distinct views on stocking or not stocking, perhaps you would like to let us know,either on the catch return form or by any other means.

Last and by no means least don’t forget, there is the long running monthly draw of completed catch returns with the prize of a free day’s fishing at Glenquey.




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4 Responses to 2021 Glenquey update

  1. Christopher Ward says:

    Visited Glenquey 4 or 5 times since opening day. The fish are becoming more active now and there was plenty hatches throughout the day. The fish are doing well on Buzzers and spiders. The place was boiling with rises around 7pm tonight. There are plenty fish in there and im so pleased we have a wild brown trout fishery to visit. There are plenty stocked fisheries about , we dont need another one. I believe the no stocking policy is paying dividends . There are some nice size fish being caught. Well done to the DAA for their management of this place.

    • onroutes says:

      How many did you catch Christopher? Ive been fishing there for years now and i totally agree that its better not being stocked, dont get me wrong it was absaloutly brilliant when it used to get stocked but I’d rather fish it the way it is, no need for stocking it anymore.

  2. sparkythetroutbum says:

    Just had a very cold 4 hours ar Glenquey. Arrived at 4pm quite calm and a few fish rising. The surface was covered in buzzer shucks so I started with two black buzzers on a slow retrieve. Got a nice half pounder first cast and it carried on from there. The water was freezing and it got to the point I didn’t want to catch any more as I couldn’t face putting my hands in the water! I left at 8pm as I couldn’t feel my legs any more but by then I had had 20 fish. The best was a fat 2 pounder plus several around the pound mark. Stocking? nah I’ve never thought it needs it. I return all fish btw.

  3. John James Hunter says:

    Saturday 3rd April, Glorious day 🌞spent at Glenquey today,in the good company of Leona Rodden, who was paying her first visit to the water,but certainly not her last,lol😜,especially after hooking and landing a beautifully marked, fish,weighed in at 1lb,exactly,Bravo Leona!!👍👏.The fish,being her first,and above the “Takeable Limit”,was humanely despatched,to be subsequently prepared for her dinner.I myself safely returned 1 fish,approximately 10 inches in size.Water levels were at Maximum Height, Light Breeze,and lovely sunshine.Met 4 other Anglers,at various times,through the day.Water temp,still low,not many fish rising,but a few did show over the warmer period of the Day. As to Stocking??, My preference would be,to stock,on an annual Basis.

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