August update – The DAA extends its fishery

Some of you may have noticed the new red signs appearing on the River Devon downstream of Menstrie:

The good news is that the Devon Association have agreed to take an additional lease with Crown Estate Scotland for their fishing between Menstrie and the old railway bridge at Cambus. Work Parties have already been clearing accesses to the banks, putting up signs etc. We will share more information on access etc and amend the beat maps in the next months.

The weekends storms mostly seem to have bypassed Clackmannanshire and Kinrossshire but there has been enough rain to give the lower river a couple of good cleaning flushes which should improve trout fishing markedly.

July was a quite month at Glenquey (seems to happen most years). We had 46 catch returns with a total of 75 trout being caught with a mean weight 0.61lb and anglers catching an average 1.6 trout per visit (of course masking a few blanks and a few more successful anglers). Hopefully August will bring less cloudless and still days!

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3 Responses to August update – The DAA extends its fishery

  1. Nick Morrice says:

    Just came back for a couple of weeks and bought my season permit (as usual). Fishing was hard but made harder by the lack of water in the Devon. Castlehill is full so surely the compensation flow can be increased. This would definitelyhelp the fishing . Will be back next year and of course buy my season ticket.

  2. Graeme Burns says:

    That’s great new! Hope to fish it when it’s possible. I assume the lease includes brown trout as well as salmon and sea trout. I remember helping to stock the Devon in the 70s/ 80s. We once stocked well above the club’s lower limit only to discover that by tea time they were being caught at Menstrie!

  3. Christopher Ward says:

    Well done to the DAA on extending the fishing on the Devon . Will be great to explore new territory. From what date does this apply from ?

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