Book corner #1 – An Angler Rambles

DAA member Drew Jamieson, has just published a new book An Angler Rambles – Among Scotland’s Trout and Salmon

This is the latest in a series of books about Scottish Salmon and Trout fishing published by Drew

The book is available directly from Amazon and runs to 175 pages complete with 59 black and white photographs/maps.

From the publisher:

  Give a boy a fish – and you feed him for a day, Give a boy a rod …………..and he disappears!” Anon

A new book for a New Year – to whet the appetite for fishing days to come in 2022 – ‘rambling’ with a fishing rod – among Scotland’s salmon and trout waters.

In 1866, Thomas Tod Stoddart published “An Angler’s Rambles and Angling Songs”. Which set the present author on an angling odyssey for trout and salmon around some of the haunts Stoddart described all those years ago. Over his 70-years of ‘rambling’, the current author has fished some classic waters and been involved in fisheries matters at local, regional and national level. He brings some unique background knowledge to this volume.  

Loosely themed around the author’s journey from ‘garden-cane’ to fisheries administration – during a time of change – the main substance of the book, takes the reader ’rambling’ around some iconic salmon and trout waters from Tweed to the Orkneys, from Angus to the Hebrides.
Part-descriptive and part-reportage – this volume touches on the past, present and future of Scotland’s game fisheries. It looks behind the scenes – at some of the geography, history, literature, people – and a little bit of science. 

On the way, it considers some of the issues and challenges of conservation and the water environment with chapters on – the Loss and Recovery of Loch Leven; the Return of Salmon to the Clyde; Safeguarding the Arctic Charr; Helping the Wild Trout.  Those of a nervous disposition may also enjoy “Fishing in an ‘Unco’ World” – the irrational fears of angling in lonely places.

Overarching, are the threats posed by climate change – increased water temperatures; reduced river levels; intense flood events; warming oceans – all pointing to an uncertain future for Scotlands salmon and trout fisheries.

The book is dedicated:  “To all those who have shared my journey in and around the wild salmon and trout of Scotland. A diminishing tribe!” .

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