Preseason Update #1

PERMITS – 2022 permits have been printed and arrangements are in hand to begin distributing them to our outlets. Permit price remain unchanged from the 2021 season.

NEW BEAT – We have updated the beat maps section on the website ( ) .

A map showing the extents of our new beat downstream of the Tullibody/Menstrie Road can be found is titled the Lower Beat Map. The Middle Beat Map now covers upstream of the Tullibody/Menstrie Road to Vicars Bridge and the Upper Beat Map remains Vicars Bridge to Castlehill Reservoir


The AGM was held at Alloa Cricket Club on 11th January 2022 with procedures that fully complied with the Scottish Government’s Covid 19 advice on avoiding the transmission of the virus. The meeting was chaired by our president Bryan Anderson, and attended by 13 members.

David Mudie, retiring Hon Secretary gave his final Secretary Report, key points raised:

  1. At Glenquey, 64% of permit holders submitted returns which for the season represented 298 vists (211 members/87 visitors) who reported 837 trout caught at an estimated weight of 417lbs [mean weight 0.50lb and 28 trout/visit.]
  2. The river had a difficult season, with a prolonged drought and high temperatures making trout angling difficult. The Salmon came late when the river was in full spate and only three were caught on the final day. There were Sea Trout in the river, a few were caught including a belting example of 7 to 8lb
  3. The DAA have agreed a new lease with the Crown Estate Scotland for the fishing at Ditch Farm and Easy Gogar. The Crown Estate Scotland is passing over some of its responsibilities to local Salmon Boards. Ms. Grace Wilding has been seconded from CES to the Forth District Salmon Fishery Board.

David Mudie went on to thank our members for their continuing support of the Association. We find ourselves in the fortunate position of increasing the sales of permits, particularly Youth permits who we hope will continue to fish our river!

The officers bearers were elected and two new committee members were welcomed (Chris Ward of Dollar and Gordon Dow of Powmill).

The AGM was David Mudie’s final duty as Honorary Secretary, as he bows out from the role is has held for nigh on two decades to retire. We are fortunate that he has agreed to stay on as a committee member where he will be able to share his extensive knowledge of the fishery and all the red tape that he has had to deal with over the years.

We are fortunate that we have a heir apparent, the AGM agreed that David’s replacement will be Colin Smail who has been a member of DAA committee now for about 40 years!

Colin and David at Dunning Glen

The AGM also acknowledged the resignation of Dennis Toon from the committee after about 40 years of service. Dennis has been (and am sure will remain) a hugely influential contributor to the success of the DAA, through his wide ranging voluntary work with a range of local and environmental organisations in and around Strathdevon.


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