The 2022 season is underway

Welcome back everyone to the 2022 Trout and Salmon season on the River Devon and the 2022 Trout season at Glenquey.

The season has started like last year, with another dry start with the river already showing bleached stones and Castlehill Reservoir has already dropped a feet below the dam level. That said Glenquey is full and we have even been blessed with a spell of almost Mediterranean like weather!

I have had one trip on the upper river and did not touch a thing (perhaps the water is too cool or I have lost my touch …… possibly the former (see info-graphic on other post) but more likely the latter!

I know fish were caught on the opening day at Glenquey. DAA member Andrew Gibson was up last Sunday, busily being ignored by the trout until the sun ducked behind the Ochils, when his luck changed:

The last image proves sometimes its worth waiting for the last moments of the day!

Thanks for sharing Andrew!

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