2021 Permits – February update #1

I am sure that no-one needs any reminding that we remain in Covid-19 lockdown, but the current Scottish Government guidance allows angling as an appropriate activity providing appropriate social distance practice is maintained.

Angling Scotland’s Covid guidance for angling – https://www.anglingscotland.org.uk/covid-19-advise-when-we-get-back-to-fishing/

The lockdown means a number of our outlets remain closed, but we have been able to distribute Brown Trout permits to the following outlets:

DOLLAR – The Sorting Office


ALLOA – Buicks

As soon as other are able to open and have permits we will provide an update on the website

While the current restrictions persist, please do not break the Covid Regulations to travel from outside Clackmannanshire to purchase permits. If travel restrictions remain in place on 15th March (hopefully not) then we will find away, in advance of the seasons start, to provide permits for residents of Perth & Kinross. As soon as Covid Regulations allow permits will be distributed to outlets as soon as reasonably practical.

Annual Salmon and Sea Trout permits are available directly from the Hon Secretary as usual.


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January 2021 update

Happy New Year to all our members, visitors and friends!

Once again we find ourselves in lockdown, but hopefully there is light at the end of the tunnel with the vaccine roll out and it’s only 56 days before the fishing season opens on the Devon and at Glenquey!

While there is no point at this stage trying to predict what restrictions may be in place, eight weeks away, at least for the moment the Scottish Government seem content that angling is an appropriate outdoor activity to undertake during Covid 19 restrictions. Closer to the opening of the season we will update the website with relevant information regarding any restrictions, social distancing and permits.

There is no change to permit prices from the 2020 season

Permits will be distributed to our outlets during February, when hopefully they will be all trading by then.

As usual Dennis Toon has collated our annual newsletter which makes a really interesting read which can be read here:

DAA – newsletter – Spring 2021

With the AGM delayed, where there is normally a vote of appreciation cast,  can I on behalf of the Members and Visitors thank our Honorary Secretary David, President Bryan, our Bailiffs (Jim, Alan, Kenny & Greame) and the members of the work parties for all the hard work, time and dedication in keeping the Devon Angling Association ticking, particularly during such a challenging year. It is much appreciated!

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DAA 2020 Annual General Meeting – cancelled

In line with current Scottish Government Covid-19 guidance and restrictions, we have reluctantly decided to cancel the 2020 AGM and the usual business of the meeting will be postponed to the 2021 AGM.

Around the time of the AGM we will share the Secretary’s Annual Report and the newsletter here on the website.

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Belated end of Season 2020

Season 2020 closed on Saturday 31st October and I think it would be fair to suggest it will be a fishing season etched on our memories like no other.

Beyond the national shutdown in response to Covid-19 between late March and end of May, the impact of the pandemic continues to impact the work of the Devon Angling Association. The Scottish Governments post-lockdown restrictions and the needs of individuals to self-isolate, has meant a much reduced scale of work has been able to be undertaken.

Under the current guidance we have decided it would be prudent to cancel the 2020 Annual General Meeting. In early January we will publish the secretary’s report on the website which will summarise the 2020 season in detail and any other pertinent information. Work is already in hand to prepare for the 2021 season.

So how did the end of the season pan out?

The obvious thing to say is that it was wet and at times very wet!

The prolonged rain through August and September ensured that Glenquey pretty much remained full, ensuring most angling was undertaken from the south bank. In August 43 anglers submitted a catch return recording a modest 60 fish [0.6lb mean and 1.4 trout/angler]. In the last five weeks of the season the trout were far more co-operative with 57 catch returns recording 167 fish [0.6lb mean and 2.9 trout/angler]. It is difficult to judge the full impact of Covid-19 on Glenquey but it would appear to have had a marked increase in angling effort after lockdown compared to a typical season. It is disappointing that only 54% of tickets issued return a catch return. The catch returns provide the DAA with key information about the health of the fish population in the reservoir. To hopefully improve the level of submitted catch returns we will endeavor to either move the box closer to the car park or install a second box adjacent to the car park.

The Devon had a number of major spates and throughout August and September, with a major storm event on the 12th August. This resulted in the usual redistribution of detritus along the river and caused a few landslips and tree falls, such as this recorded by visiting angler Mark Coutts and his pal, away above Rumbling Bridge in the Devon Gorge:

It certainly had not effected the trout fishing as the pair managed to land approximately 40 trout, of which this was typical:

The late season fishing between spates was very good indeed. A number of large fish, in excess of 1lb were caught by all methods. I spent a bit of time watching for salmon leaping at Dollar Weir in late September, and was once again astonished to see the size of some of the mature Brown Trout heading upstream. Impossible to know how many but there were Brown Trout well in excess of 4lb. Increasingly we see upstream nymphing successfully deployed on the Devon, it takes a bit of time to master but in the rights hands can produce spectacular results. Good fish were found along the whole length of our water, including this wee gem caught by Jakob Monk at Dollar:

The big spates brought a lot of Salmon into the river, but they proved quite allusive.  In the end a total of 26 salmon were caught and returned, with Colin Smail proving to be the most successful angler with a total of 5. Ross Haldane caught what appeared to be a very large fish in mid September. A total of 13 Sea Trout were caught and Alan Graham proved to be the champion for Sea Trout catching 9 of the 13. It was a strange season as there clearly a lot of Salmon in the river, I managed four trips where I had at least one proper hook up (you know its Salmon within a couple of seconds of a tug) without even seeing the fish. Then on my penultimate trip I had a mad twenty minutes were I was able to catch a 7lb cock Salmon, then a 4lb hen Salmon before finally managing to snap my rod tip bringing the session to a premature end ……… comfortably the best day of my season. The cock Salmon

On behalf of the DAA can I wish all our members and friends a very happy Christmas with your families and a safe and prosperous 2021! 

Tight lines


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Salmon and Sea Trout catch returns – reminder

It looks very much the weather is being kind to anglers and hopefully another couple of rises in the river will draw more fish into the river! With just about two weeks left of the Salmon season on the Devon, a polite reminder that Salmon and Sea Trout Catch Returns are mandatory.

Once again for the 2020 season, in line with requirements of Marine Scotland, please record:

  • For each month record the number of Salmon and/or Sea Trout caught separately, including NIL catches
  • For each month record the number of days fishing (part days count as one whole day)
  • A Catch Return form was issued with your permit but can also be downloaded from the website.

All catch returns must be received by November 20th, 2020. Paper copies can be sent directly to David Mudie (Hon Secretary)  @  19 Norwood Avenue, Alloa, FK10 2BY

The return can also be sent electronically via thedaa@talktalk.net

Please ensure you include your name and membership number.

Regardless if you intend to renew for Salmon/Sea Trout permit, please return this season permit and save yourself the expenses of obtaining more passport photos!

Hopefully by the season end, we will be able to report on some decent fish being caught!


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Lost landing net – Linnbank area – FOUND!!!

In what has is becoming an annual event, David Mudie our secretary, has mislaid his landing net in the Linnbank area. To be fair he was in the process of safely landing and releasing a salmon!

The net by now may be a wee bit further down the river, but if you come across a landing net with a lanyard of blue rope, the owner would love to be reunited.

Any news please get in touch with David directly or through the usual channels!

In breaking news, I am happy to report that net and owner are due to be reunited ……… thanks to Jamie Beveridge for finding and passing on to Alan Armstrong!

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New Book – If Rivers Could Sing: A Scottish River Wildlife Journey: A Year in the Life of the River Devon

Some of you may know Keith Broomfield, an active member of the DAA committee. He is often to be spotted around the river armed with his cameras, capturing amazing images of Strathdevon’s landscape, flora and fauna which are used to illustrate among other things  his regular columns in the Alloa Advertiser and the Courier.

Tippermuir Books Ltd have just published Keith’s new book “If Rivers Could Sing: A Scottish River Wildlife Journey: A Year in the Life of the River Devon”  [ISBN-10 : 1913836002 & ISBN-13 : 978-191383600]. The book is available directly from the publisher https://tippermuirbooks.co.uk/?product=if-rivers-could-sing , from other online booksellers and no doubt locally over a counter!

Rivers have captivated wildlife writer Keith Broomfield since childhood: special serene places where nature abounds and surprises unfold at every turn. In this personal Scottish river wildlife journey, he delves deeper into his own local river to explore its abundant wildlife and to get closer to its beating heart. The course of the Devon is a place Keith has come to know well and somewhere that has become part of his being. If Rivers Could Sing is a book for all who love wildlife, wild places, and Scotland’s natural heritage.

It is a fascinating read, particularly for anglers familiar with the River Devon, as so many of the places mentioned are familiar. I suspect my copy will end up with a worn out spine in a few years, as it will definitely be re-read. Highly recommended!

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September 2020 – Late season update

Hello all, its been a while!

Apologies for the lack of updates ,in part this has been due to the lock-down when all activity of the DAA ground to a halt and so many of us were furloughed. Unfortunately as the lock-down eased and I came off furlough, work took off and swallowed up a lot of my spare time.

Covid-19 has put a huge spanner in the works of the DAA, the committee have had to conduct their activity on-line and work parties have only been able to begin to catch on some of the work load. During August we had a series of major spate events resulting in serious flooding throughout the Devon valley affecting homes, business, significant damage to the roads and some major landslides.  Glenquey and Castlehill Reservoirs, along with the other Ochils reservoirs are full, meaning the river now responds quickly to rainfall events such as during last weekend.

In April during the lock-down, member Jamie Beveridge out on his lock-down daily ramble reported high levels of orange sediment in the river below Vicars Bridge originating from the Coal Authority Mains of Blairingone treatment facility. This was reported directly to SEPA and the Coal Authority by the DAA. Despite being in the height of lock-down, the Coal Authority  responded immediately and a mitigation plan was agreed with SEPA and implemented immediately. We were fortunate that this was nipped in the bud early, where other rivers in the catchment have not been so lucky, thanks to the high groundwater levels and low river flows during the hot first part of the summer remember that??).

Please ….. if you note something that isn’t right in the river, be it the smell, a point source of excessive sediment, a film on the water, raw sewage etc …… report it to SEPA immediately (SEPA hotline number is on your permit) and let the DAA know!

As lock-down eased in last days of May the River Devon re-opened for fishing and once permission was confirmed by Scottish Water, Glenquey re-opened for fishing a few days later.

Since lock-down eased the Devon has fished really well, proving the benefits of not stocking, with lots of angler catching multiple fish either side of a 1lb and some stretching a net in excess of a 2lb. During recent spates a few salmon have been seen but not caught (yet) but a few sea trout have been caught. We have had an unfortunate incidents of a Sea Trout being caught and removed contrary to the rules of the DAA; with their actions been reported as poaching.

Kenny MacCaulay, one of our bailiffs, came across two anglers specifically targeting eels. The DAA rules are silent on the subject of eels, but the species is under incredible pressure being in decline throughout Europe for the last 30 years, and is currently regarded as Critically Endangered by the International Union for Conservation.  The Freshwater Fish Conservation (Prohibition on Fishing for Eels) (Scotland) Regulations 2008 expressly prohibits fishing by any method for eels without a licence from Scottish Ministers. Targeted fishing for eels is forbidden and any caught accidentally must be returned immediately. This will be clarified in the Rules in time for the 2021 season

Anglers have enjoyed good sport at Glenquey, though in recent times angling has been restricted pretty much to the south bank due to the high water levels. To date catch returns have reported:

  • March 2020 – Pre-lockdown 5 anglers caught 4 fish averaging 0.75lb
  • March – May 2020 – Lockdown
  • June 2020 -57 anglers caught 342 fish with an average weight of 0.54lb. One angler was fortunate to land  20tout in a session and there was one fish caught around 1.5lb
  • July 2020 -46 anglers caught 164 trout with an average weight of 0.58lb [average 3.6 fish per angler] Best fish was an almost 2lb specimen caught by Gordon Dow
  • August 2020 – 43 anglers caught 60 trout with an average weight of 0.6lb [early August was tough, with 9 anglers catching only 1 fish]

There are just about three weeks of the trout season, and the weather appears to be settling down so hopefully everyone has good close to the trout season. Hopefully we will get news over the next 6 weeks or so of a decent run of salmon!

Keep a look out here as the ‘new normal’ becomes established we will keep you in touch news of the season close and developments for the 2021 season!


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UPDATE 26/08/20 Access to Glenquey from south only – A823 closed at Glendevon village till Thurs 27/08/20 at 6am

Good news …….. A823 reopens Thursday 6am according to Perth & Kinross Council on Facebook this afternoon

pkc glendevon

Hopefully more peaceful nights will be had by the neighbors of the temporary bridge


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Access to Glenquey from south only – A823 closed at Glendevon village from Weds 25/08/20 for a few days

Unfortunately Perth & Kinross Council have confirmed on Facebook that the A823 at Glendevon village, will be closed from the morning (Wednesday 25/08/20) for up to three days.  This apparently relates to problems with the temporary bridge on the west side of the village

Access to Glenquey should remain open from the south, visitors from the north will need to take the diversionary route A9 Perth – M90 south – Milnathort – A91 west – Yetts of Muckhart.

As soon as I have confirmation of the road reopening I will post an update.

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