Ochils Festival – 1st to 30th June 2014

The Ochils Landscape Partnership have announced details of their Ochils Festival which will run through the whole of June this year. All the events are free and include a  number of events to be held around and about the River Devon and the Hillfoot glens ………. anyone with an interest in local history and the Devon valley environment will find some of interest in their programme of events:

Click to access OLP-Festival-Leaflet-2014.pdf

The DAA are both an active participant in and beneficiary of the Ochils Landscape Partnership [OLP], where we join 20 other organisations including the local community councils, Clackmannan Council, Stirling Council, Dollar Museum and Forth Valley College.  The purpose of the OLP to quote from its website is:

The Ochils Landscape Partnership aims to increase access to the hills and glens of the Ochils, improve the quality of our rivers, and restore parts of the historic built landscape. The project will provide opportunities for community involvement and volunteering to tell the story of the area’s cultural, social and industrial heritage. It aims to enhance the lives of people in the Hillfoots and also to increase visitors to the area.

The £2.26 million project, which runs until 2014, is a landscape partnership scheme with the lead funder being the Heritage Lottery Fund. The project has also been funded by EDF Energy, Clackmannanshire & Stirling Environment Trust, Clackmannanshire Heritage Trust and Clackmannanshire Council, with in-kind contributions from Stirling University and National Trust for Scotland on specific projects.

[Source: http://ochils.org.uk/ ]

Their work will help improve the riparian habitat on both the Devon and the feeder burns. The OLP have been funding the extensive programme of invasive plant spraying (Himalayan Balsam and Japanese Knotweed) and hope to undertake some much needed bank stabilisation work.


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