Just what are the RFFT up to?

Well actually as usual, quite a lot 🙂

Oh aye RFFT?

Well that is the River Forth Fisheries Trust, which was formed in 2009 as a registered charity. It is intended to  “to advance for public benefit environmental protection and improvement by conserving and enhancing all species of freshwater fish and their environments primarily but not limited to the inland and coastal waters of the River Forth catchment including all waters which enter the Forth Estuary and Firth of Forth.”

The Trust is a member of Rivers and Fisheries Trust of Scotland (RAFTS) which represents all of Scotland’s Fisheries Trusts covering in excess of 80% of Scotland’s rivers. The trust works very closely with, but independently from the Forth District Salmon Fishery Board.

The small team at the Trust are busy working with the proprietors and angling clubs/associations through the Forth catchment surveying, monitoring, advising and waging war on the multitude of invasive plants.

So what have the team been up to, well fans of social media you can follow what the team’s work at:

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/RiverForthFisheriesTrust

TWITTER: https://twitter.com/ForthFishTrust





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