Survey – Anglers attitudes towards otters and piscivorous birds

We have received the following request for participants for a survey of anglers attitudes towards otters and piscivorous birds (fish eating birds – kingfishers, herons, cormorants, goosanders, mergansers, ospreys etc)

My name is Kelsey Baird, and I am a Masters student in Applied Ecology & Conservation Biology at Frostburg State University, Maryland USA. I am trying to conduct the first formal assessment of angler attitudes towards otters and piscivorous birds in the UK as part of my thesis. Having Grown up in Scotland and graduated from the University of Stirling with a B.Sc Hons. in Environmental Science & Biology, this is a very exciting and special project that I feel privileged to be able to personally conduct.

I am interested in the thoughts on and experiences of all anglers while fishing in the UK, and I am writing to ask if you would consider helping me with my study. I am trying to get in contact with as many anglers as possible to complete my survey while I am here in scotland. I would greatly appreciate it if you would consider participating in my study and possibly helping me to get in touch with a wider range of anglers. I am prepared to send surveys with prepaid return envelopes to willing participants. I aim to publish my thesis and hope to make a real contribution towards UK native wildlife and game conservation, as well as providing an academic platform for anglers’ views and opinions.

I thank you for your time; your contribution is really greatly valued.


Kelsey Baird

Kelsey’s email address is if you would like to participate


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