River Forth Fishery Trust update – August 2014

The good folks at the River Forth Fishery Trust have been busy throughout the catchment; which for the Devon means making some good progress towards improving the performance of the Dollar Weir fish pass.

The INNS team (that’s Invasive Non-Native Species team tackling the likes of Giant Hogweed, Japanese Knotweed, Skunk Cabbage, Mink etc) have been busy and their work is neatly summarised in their Spring Newsletter here:

Click to access spring-2014-update.pdf

They are looking for volunteers to assists with Japanese Knotweed spraying at a number of locations throughout the Forth catchment:

  • 1st September – Japanese Knotweed – Teith Catchment (National Park, Strathyre Area)
  • 2nd September – Japanese Knotweed – Teith Catchment (National Park, Loch Lubnaig area)
  • 13th September – Japanese Knotweed – Teith Catchment (National Park, Loch Achray area)
  • 15th September – Japanese Knotweed – Almond Catchment (West Lothian)
  • 18th September – Japanese Knotweed – Leven Catchment (Fife )
  • 20th September – Japanese Knotweed – Almond catchment
  • 21st september – japanese knotweed – almond catchment
  • 25th September – Japanese Knotweed – Teith Catchment (National Park Callander area)
  • 26th September – Japanese Knotweed – Forth Catchment (National Park, Aberfoyle area)

All PPE and kit is provided by the Trust bar Wellies, no previous experience needed. Details can be found here:


Lastly there is a very good and interesting interview with the Trust’s biologist Dr Jo Girvan with SEPA (featuring as a backdrop our own River Devon) here:




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