Wild Fisheries Review

The Forth District Salmon Fishery Board are seeking advise from anglers in the Forth Catchment on the issues relating to the Wild Fisheries Review to inform their own response on our behalf

It is important to be aware this review will influence the management of all wild fisheries for the foreseeable future, not just migratory fish, but brown trout and course fish. The Board are encouraging all anglers in the catchment to make their own representations to the Scottish Government.

To quote the Board

The Forth District Salmon Fishery Board will be responding to the consultation on behalf of the salmon fishing proprietors in the District. We are conscious that a) we cannot not represent all views and b) that our remit does not cover individual anglers and associations per se.


There are two drop in events in the Forth District –
Portabello 7th July and Stirling on 15th July at Angling Active between 11am – 3pm and the Board has looked into other ways to engage as many as possible in the process.

Due to the restrictions of the time frame (including within it the summer holiday period), it was decided to do this electronically rather than try and arrange meetings around the whole of the District and therefore we have created an online survey. This survey is not only to provide us with some feedback but also to encourage as many people interested in fishing and fisheries management to put their views forward via the consultation. If you can find the time to complete the survey this will further inform our response and hopefully help you to respond to the consultation as well.

The questionnaire can be found here:


Please find time to get involved by your own representations to the Scottish Government, via the drop in events at Portabello and Stirling or by completing the questionnaire.



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