Coal and the River Devon 1792-2014

The Ochils Landscape Partnership provided a bursary to Jennifer L. Geller of the University of Stirling for a dissertation toward the degree of Master of Historical Research (Environmental). The resulting dissertation was entitled “The Evolution of a ―Peculiar Landscape‖. Coal Mining, Management and Mitigation on the River Devon 1792-2014”

A copy of it can be downloaded from the Ochils Landscape Partnership here:

Click to access jennifer-geller-dissertation.pdf

It isn’t an easy read and will not appeal to everyone’s taste of reading, but it may be of interest to regular uses of the river. While it focusses on the relationship between Devon Colliery (and associated ironworks), the River Devon and local environment; it also describes the terrible state that the river has been in and its journey of improvement to its current condition (which over the last century the Devon Angling Association have been intimately involved in).



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