River Devon June 2015 update

The hard start to the season continued well into May , even seeing the Ochils plastered in fresh snow at the start of the month. Thankfully June has brought warmer and more settled weather, but very little in the way of meaningful rain and once again the Devon is running very low and relying on the compensation flows from Castlehill Reservoir.

The impoundment of the Devon in Glendevon, has many negative impacts on the river not least removing for much of the year the variations in flow which is vital for the eco-systems of a river. In a prolonged dry spell however it is a blessing as it provides a steady flow with the minimum permitted released volume. By late June, on the Fossoway section of the river, the impact of the prolonged draw down in groundwater levels and the reduction of flow from the only significant tributary below the dam (the Glendey Burn) can be see in the tide mark on this boulder:

tideline jul 2nd

Unfortunately in these conditions this means the upper parts of the river don’t get the benefit of a decent flush, that the river gets below the Cauldron Linn. This  is illustrated when you see the impact of Friday nights deluge on the two Sepa river gauges:

castlehill 040715

At the Castlehill gauge, a 15mm rise in level is recorded

glenochil 040715

At the Glenochil gauge, a 600mm rise in level is recorded

As for the fishing?

Well in May in my experience it was grim; the best of the fish falling to the bait anglers such as Bryan and his young charge

Fishing Red Bridge stretch

Fishing Red Bridge stretch


Trout of 1lb 6oz

The best of the action for the fly was with periodic hatches of Hawthorns or Olives and being in the right spot at that time. As the weather improved through June, so has the fishing for the fly angler. As of yet there have been no reports of Sea Trout in the river. I haven’t met many anglers on the river but those I have had have either been utterly frustrated by super spooky fish in the low water or utterly enthralled by regular rising trout. I have had a couple of evening sessions where I have failed miserably to land a specimen trout but have had plenty of cracking wee wild fish caught with the dry fly

Wild devon brownie June 2015

Typical June Brown Trout from the Devon

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