Glenquey May – June 2015 report

In early June the DAA completed it’s final stocking of the season at Glenquey putting 150 Howietoun trout in the reservoir.

Throughout May and June water levels have remained quite high. It is fair to say that the cold and windy May put off a lot of anglers, but those that faced the wind seemed to be catching. During May we had 37 tickets returned with a total of 84 trout caught averaging 0.6lbs and 2.27 trout/visit

June much more pleasant overhead conditions and this has been reflected in the numbers with 57 tickets returned showing angler caught 313 trout averaging just shy of 3/4lb  and 5.5 trout/visit.

Anglers have also been rewarded with close encounters with the local osprey and otters!


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