Lost tackle – Wednesday 5th August

We would be grateful to any members or visitors who happen upon a rod and reel in the river, get in touch via the website or the Secretary via:


One of the river’s most enthusiastic angler got himself into a wee bit of bother wading the river around Lower Mains (the Haugh) on Wednesday in high water and in prioritising his own safety, let go of his rod. He had anticipated once safe, he would be able to recover the rod/reel but was unable to find it.

It would be tempting to poke a wee bit of fun at the angler (who’s identity we will keep to ourselves to spare his blushes)  but it is a salutary lesson to all of us. Please take very great care when wading particularly when the river is running high!

Please keep your eyes out and help reunite our angler with his tackle!

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