March going on early April

So we are nearly four weeks into the season; I have seen just one rise on the upper Devon and have yet to get so much as a wee tug. Hey ho.

Others are having much more luck!

Up at Glenquey on Friday, Alan Graham ended up with eight fish including this fella and lost a few more:

Another of our members Mark was up at Glenquey in late March and to find a the reservoir mirror flat and fish rising.

He took full advantage managing to land an impressive 18 fish, two of which measured 12″, three 11″ and the rest all 9″-10″

His first fish was caught on the dry, a small Griffiths Gnat and thereafter he relied on a black epoxy buzzer hung ten inches under a klinkhammer …….. landing fish on the buzzer and the klink!

It comes as no surprise that early success on the river went to the bait anglers. There have been some impressive fish caught including this beautiful specimen caught by Alan Baird last week

The prize fish though has been caught by Mick Berney, his first fish of the season was a magnificent 3lb 8oz fish which he showed off on the ‘Fishing in Scotland’ Facebook page:

Mick has something of a track record of landing big Devon Brownies including this superb 4lb 8oz fish caught a few years ago.

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