Very early season news

The season on the Devon and Glenquey has finally opened, so an early update and starting with a wee bit of sad news

The Devon Angling Association were saddened to hear the announcement that Roger Dalton had passed away.  Roger from Rumbling Bridge was a long standing member of the DAA and had served with considerable dedication on the committee for numerous years. He only stood down a few years ago when he had almost reached the age of 80! The Association pass on their deepest sympathy to Roger’s family and appreciation for his work for the Devon Angling Association.

Little news as yet from the river, though a number of anglers have been out for a cast including two fishing without a permit who the bailiffs intercepted and ejected. I for one got my first cast on Saturday 18th on frankly a miserable cold day where I didn’t get so much as a tug …….. but there were at least four other anglers out on the upper river; hopefully they had more sport. I guess the good news for Spring fishing is that there is plenty of water in the river now, Castlehill (and I think most of the reservoirs) are full and the ground is pretty saturated; so hopefully we will avoid the sketchy bare bone conditions of April to June 2016.

The season’s opening day at Glenquey found a (relatively) remarkable number of anglers on the reservoir …… ten anglers on a Wednesday! Despite the difficult wind conditions, fish were caught. Jim Milne managed three fish including one of about a 1lb and Alan Graham managed to net a fish. Their secret appeared to be using weighted damsel/streamer type patterns and fishing very deep (Alan Graham was allowing 40 seconds before beginning a retrieve). The first couple of days of the season were probably the best on the opening ten days as subsequently Winter has since revisited the Ochils with a bit of a vengeance!

Work parties have been somewhat decimated by a variety of seasonal flu bugs …….. but the work has continued. Work has been done to repair stiles, removing fallen lumber from the river, clearing obstructions from a few of the more remote sections of the river and rebuilding the steps at Rumbling Bridge.

It is really great to get feedback from anglers on the Devon and at Glenquey ……. so don’t be shy, tell us your news (comments to posts, comments on the homepage or drop us a line, perhaps with photos, to

Happy casting

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