A823 Closed at Castlehill Reservoir – roadworks and access to Glenquey

Early in the Spring we were told that there would the A823 would be closed around Castlehill Reservoir for Scottish Water works. This work will commence 2nd July 2018 but will now be undertaken with a lane closure and traffic lights.

UPDATE:           19th June 2018 16:45

Good news! A823 has now reopened, with one lane remaining closed and traffic controlled by traffic lights

UPDATE:           18th June 2018 22:50


A823 is now closed (no surprise, quite apart from the pipework the burst has destroyed  the full width of the pavement over about 15m) ……. I think Glenquey should still be accessible from the south but I would recommend a dry run before buying a permit!

UPDATE:           18th June 2018 20:10

I came down Glendevon at 18.45 this evening and there has been a pipe burst north of the layby at Castlehill Reservoir resulting in significant damage to the carriageway . I wouldn’t be surprised if access to the A823 may be restricted tomorrow for repairs (you should be able to reach Glenquey from the South)


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