DAA update June 2018

The now traditional spring draught continues with Saturday’s minor spate having little impact on river levels. The fishing on the river hasn’t been impossible but stealth and care is required not spook fish. Despite the difficult conditions some nice fish have been caught ……… but we really could do with a good clearing spate!

Glenquey has been delivering some superb fishing, to quote Cailean Moore’s comment on the welcome page:

I had a brilliant day on the loch with 34 fish including four double hook ups and a triple hook up. A few big fish with one about 3lb and dropped one at around 4lb. There was an all day hatch of Lake Olives keeping the fish occupied and they were hammering my Greenwells Spider and winged wet Lake Olive, with a black spider with a silver tungsten bead on the point, fished on a long 20ft leader on a floating line including a 5ft Airflo intermediate poly leader. I cast it in, tweaked it back half a dozen times with a wee pause between the retrieve.

During May completed returns showed that 46 members 24 visitors caught 206 trout for 101 lb. The winner of the free day’s fishing was Malcolm Reid from Saline. Consensus seems that is a huge amount of fly life including olives, alder fly, sedges etc. about and that smaller flies (size 16-18 or smaller nymphs and spiders) were more likely to be successful?

The spring newsletter from the Fisheries Trust celebrates their new title Forth Rivers Trust and includes an article about the change in name http://www.fishforth.co.uk/rfft/the-river-forth-fisheries-trust-is-changing/ and of particularly interest to DAA members an article about access improvements to the Dollar Burn http://www.fishforth.co.uk/rfft/an-emerging-success-story-on-the-dollar-burn/

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3 Responses to DAA update June 2018

  1. Richard McGlashan says:

    Hi , I have fished the river and Glenquey on and off for years and enjoyed the fishing, I am now hoping to buy a Brown Trout only season ticket, can these be purchased from outlets or do they have to be through the secretary ? cheers

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