2018 wrap up

Today is the first day in December, so a quick apology for not getting an update earlier!

The season closed on 31st October on a spectacularly beautiful day which I spent fishing at Rackmill and the Haugh, without so much as a tug; but the scenery was amazing

Bryan Anderson caught 2 salmon on the closing day, while the first reported salmon was caught and returned by Graham Halliday on the 25th October at the pool at Muckhart Mill using a size 1 copper mepps. Graham measured the fish at 72 cm which puts in the 6.5 – 7.0lb range and obviously pretty fresh.

 Inevitably as soon as the season closed the rains came and more salmon were seen coming into the river. As far as I know, only five salmon and seven sea trout were caught and returned this season, which is a disappointment. It was probably inevitable with very dry summer emptying the Ochils reservoirs and particularly Castlehill, meant much of the early autumn rain stayed in the Ochils in sharp contrast to the state of the river this weekend! The final weeks of the tout season saw some very large brown trout being caught.

The season closed at Glenquey on the 6th October.  During  September and October 52  catch returns were left in the box, showing a total haul of 205 fish being caught with a total weight of 108lb [mean 3.9 fish/visit at mean weight of 0.52lb] including a few fish around 2lb.

The work parties are carry on their work and will be looking this winter to tackle:

  • Clearing access to the Alva Burn to allow full access to this important spawning burn for trout and salmon
  • Keeping the fish passes at Dollar clear of debris
  • Endeavour to clear blockages and improve access in the Devon Gorge which is a major undertaking in a remote location.
  • Re-establish the path on the south side of Glenquey (including building a new burn crossing) and continue clearing scrub on the north bank


You may have seen various press articles confirming that Fish Legal had been successful on our behalf, in an action against Scottish Water relating to the release of Sulphuric Acid into the Fossoway section of the River Devon in 2012


This was an appeal against an earlier Sherriff judgement in favour of Scottish Water; rather than return to the Sherriff Court Scottish Water agreed a settlement of £15,000. I am not going to describe the legal arguments but if you are interested the judgement can be read here:


The Devon Angling Association AGM will take place on Tuesday 15th January 2019 at the Royal Arms, Tillicoultry. All members are welcome!

The good news is that it is only 103 more days before the start of the 2019 season 🙂

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