Nearly seasons end

The Brown Trout season comes to a close next Saturday. It hasn’t been a classic season on the Devon with really tough conditions generated by the prolonged summer drought and Scottish Water abstraction in the Ochils reservoir resulting in consistently low water until  Castlehill finally overtopped about a week ago. Anecdotal information suggests that the river is stuffed with wee fish (trout/salmon fry and parr) this season boding well for future seasons. Despite the tough conditions, anglers prepared to approach pools carefully have been rewarded with decent fish caught by a variety of methods including spinning with very small Mepps, trotting worms and casting upstream nymphs.

I have heard various reports of Sea Trout clearing the weir at Cambus on the higher tides and Salmon seen splashing at various locations. There are no reports yet of a Sea Trout and Salmon catches on the river; indeed I fished from The Haugh to Taits Tomb last Saturday and never saw a thing (including even a rising trout). Scenery was awesome though :

Here is preying for rain!

Glenquey has fished well throughout August despite the blazing conditions. A Mr Cairns from Kinross was drawn from the catch returns and receives a free day permit for Glenquey. In August 48 anglers submitted catch returns recording 241 trout caught (estimated mean weight 0.6lb and catching 5.0 trout per visit)

The work parties have been busy clearing paths and after the first storms of the autumn will now begin the task of clearing fallen lumber from the river and spawning burns. Both I and the DAA wouldn’t be happier if we could  wave a cheerie bye-bye to invasive plant species along the Devon catchment (Japanese Knotweed,  Himalayan Balsam and, god forbid, Giant Knotweed)  ………….. but just occasionally you happen upon an alien species that gladdens your heart

A wee cheeky Sunflower on a shingle bank with flood debris and Himalayan Balsam as neighbours!

Enjoy the last few days of the trout season on the river and at Glenquey……. Salmon anglers prey for rain!


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